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  1. IGN - Smarms AGE: 25 GMT+/-: -4 (EST) Something about yourself: Play the drums! Secret" No quarries in Main World"
  2. 1. Age: 25 2. Email: [email protected] 3. Location: Ohio, USA 4. Skype Info: SmarmsSA 5. Time of day you mostly play: Evenings and weekends, EST. I'm mostly just looking for a quiet, easygoing server to play on and chat with people. I don't skype very often, but am very chatty in game.
  3. Setting my version to 1.2.1 doesn't allow me to connect to the server. Says I am missing Liquid Metals : 0.1.16 and Applied Energistics: rv.9.f. This is with either 1.2.1 or 1.2.2 Big Dig from Platform Launcher. Just a heads up.
  4. This is still the chillest server I have ever played on. Really relaxing place to build some stuff. Helpful folks on all the time too.
  5. Despite all this forum drama, this server is a chill place to relax and build if you don't do something stupid (like advertise servers/rag on this one for a period of downtime).
  6. This is a pretty chill group of people to build things with. Too bad about the hosting, hope it's back up soon!
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