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  1. Gentlemen remain calm! I'm sure Mr. Cadet will fix this soon.
  2. Apparently no Enemy-Mobs spawn (beside the ones which spawn by a spawner) so there is no option to obtain for example slime balls. I had to download the new launcher to get on the server and enable the latest build, not the recommended one.
  3. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. My Name is Chiro, also known as Chir0 ingame. I am looking for some fellas to play coop with, since i am new to the voltz pack, so i hope to have some fun and learn how to kill people with rockets. (No worries, i will only shoot if i really dont like you ) I'm 19 y/o , German (though i am able to understand and speak english considerably good) and have almost all the voice communication devices there are, which i would like to use with you while playing. That being said, here is the TL;DR version: IGN:Chir0 How long ...: Not that long, few months How long have you played VoltZ: Not really begun with it. Voltz skillz: -2 Why would you like to join the server: I like that there is a rather small community playing on it and hope that it will have a fun environment to play in. LOOKING FOR PARTNER TO COOP WITH (PREFERABLY WITH VOICE (TS, SKYPE ETC.) If you have any questions feel free to ask. Sincerely, Chiro