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  1. This is the official 24/7 multiplayer home of the Too Big To Handle Modpack! For those that don’t know this modpack, created by user Tntrololol, has been designed to push the limits on the amount of modded content that can be packed into one minecraft instance. The following mods are included in the pack:

    Tech Mods
    - Applied Energistics
    - Atomic Science
    - Buildcraft
    - Buildcraft Additional Objects
    - Computer Craft
    - Ender IO
    - Electrodynamics
    - Factorization
    - Flan’s Mod
    - Galacticraft
    - ICBM
    - Industrialcraft 2
    - IC2 Nuclear Control
    - IC2 Advanced Machines
    - IC2 Compact Solars
    - IC2 GregTech
    - IC2 Gravisuite
    - Logistics Pipes
    - Mekanism
    - MFFS
    - Minefactory Reloaded
    - Modular Powersuits
    - Open Peripherals
    - Project Red
    - Railcraft
    - Redstone in Motion
    - Rotary Craft
    - Small Boats Mod
    - Steve’s Carts 2
    - Tinker’s Construct
    - TMechworks
    - Wireless Redstone
    - Thermal Expansion 3
    - Tubes
    - Universal Electricity

    Magic Mods
    - Ars Magica 2
    - Magic Bees
    - Thaumcraft 4
    - Twilight Forest
    - Witchery

    Utility Mods
    - Bibliocraft
    - Biomes o’ Plenty
    - Balkon’s Weapon Mod
    - Chicken Chunks
    - Extra Bees
    - Extra Trees
    - Custom Mob Spawner
    - ExtrabiomesXL
    - Extra Utilities
    - Forestry
    - Inventory Tweaks
    - Iron Chests
    - Mo’creatures
    - Natura
    - Not Enough Items
    - NEI Addons
    - NEI Plugins
    - Pam’s Harvestcraft
    - Tropicraft
    - Zan’s Minimap

    As you can see, if you join our server, we can say that you’ll be busy for quite a while! In addition to what the mods offer, To help protect your work, we’ve accommodated for player defined regions in the overworld. The more you play, the bigger your region can be. Outside of regions, pvp including ICBM warfare, is allowed, but not necessarily encouraged. Overall, the goal is maximum fun and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Join today with the following pack URL and server IP!

    Server IP: augmentation.hosthorde.net


    6 gigs of ram!

    Modpack Install URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/tbth
    Modpack Page:http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/tbth.245036

  2. uK7SpKo

    Welcome fellow Minecrafters to our Zephyr Tekkit Lite Server!

    We are a PvP/RPG based server. We strive to bring you the best minecraft experience that we, the staff, can bring to your computer screen! We offer a wide variety of plugins such as: Factions, Spawner, Mcmmo, and MagicSpells!

    Here, at Zephyr we are a very friendly community.

    We expect our players to be mature, respectful, friendly, and most of all fun

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Dimensional Doors has been causing internal server errors so it is also disabled until we can find a fix. Treeca. has also been disabled.

    Mystcraft books have been disabled for players but the ages will be used for server events.

    RULES: 1. Don't ask admins for items/favors 2. Minimal Grief 3. No exploits or hacks 4. No third party software 5. No lag machines 6. No spawn griefing 7. No combat logging 8. No spawn killing

    BANNED ITEMS (Subject to change): -Mining Lasers -Nukes - Dimensional Anchors -Dynamite -Cannons

    Server IP: Uptime: 24/7

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