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  1. Hey Everyone. I just got back on MC after about a year and a half off and Im simply looking for same aged people (21+) to play with who are mature, and looking to build stuff and explore the modpack. I found a good server for myself and others so I guess If you are interested simply comment below. IG name: Age: Thanks guys Looking for maybe 3-4 people, but if theres more its not a problem.
  2. Its the latest Voltz server, and the main pluugin I am looking for is WorldEdit. Unfortunately the World edit plugin they have on forge is 1.7 not 1.5 As for the server issue itself I got it solved
  3. Hey people whats up, I used to own servers back in the day, and now realized MCPC+ forge and all are gone, so how would I set up a simple little server with World Edit for example and a couple other small land and building plugins? EDIT: oh and when I launch the server after unzipping it it just shuts down. Thanks
  4. It did work. Xefilis go to the appropriate thread in cafe Lame
  5. Well sorry dude I cant run a cracked version :/
  6. Why dont you simply buy it? lol because Having a cracked "public" server on my own computer can be pretty dangerous lol
  7. When I start it It says Im missing essential library files?
  8. Hey guys, I havent hosted a modded server in about a year and i have to say I kinda forgot how to do so. I got the server to download and work, got spigot, BUT when it launches, no mods are loaded. Am i missing something? thanks for your help
  9. Thats some nice stuff! Your in! I PM'ed you
  10. Hey everyone! Im thinking of making a creative server to reproduce a 1/1 scale megalopolis with other "worlds" like Star wars on the moon, Western in a big desert biome, etc I actually got the idea from the Lego movie which really got me pumped lol I mean you guys have loads of different settings ( as in Far west, Underwater gungan city, Egyptian etc) we could build and I mean the sky is the limit in minecraft, literally lol For the megalopolis I was thinking like 2000x2000 blocs with different districts: -Downtown business district with skyscrapers (150 to 250 blocs high) -Market ans shopping district (big roads with shops, malls etc on each side) -Residential districts ( modern district, Victorian district etc) -Entertainment/nightlife district (bars, restaurants nightclubs etc) -Harbor district ( this will be divided into two parts, one commercial ( cranes, containers, cargo ships) and the other would be personal with yachts, sailing boats etc interspersed in all this would be gas stations, fire stations, police stations , i was also thinking BIG structures as in Football stadiums, hockey stadiums, soccer stadiums etc as well as concert halls and the likes If You guys have ideas you can talk to me about it and we can implement it I'm looking for about 20-25 Master builders (haha) Also, You wont necessarily be able to start making exactly what you want to do as there are many of different things to do, ie roadwork, signs, etc I hope you understand I will try to accommodate people to their hobbies IG but it might not always work If you are interested and think its a good idea just fill out this small form and post! Age: How long have you been playing: On a scale from 1 to 10 in building where would you situate yourself? : Do you have any pictures/links to your work where we can see you made it? : What part would you like to build in the City? : (I have not yet created the server, if I get enough positive reviews I will make it though) Thanks for taking the time to read guys and who knows maybe theres some world record we can beat lol EDIT: I also would like your recommendations on what modpack is best for building (in terms of variety of blocs etc)
  11. Having a Huge Chunk generation problem With random chunks generating all over the place, any help?
  12. ADMINS please delete this thread, i made it in the wrong section. PLEASE report to the B-Team Server talk forum to see the post Thanks!
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