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  1. hey bro i just tried to join your server and i keep timing out could ya help me out cause i really wanna join your server

  2. Server IP: [1024Mb RAM Allocated =1Gb] Server Rules Redmatter/Antimatter Explosives are limited and not recommended. If a player uses too many they will be banned. Dont't Destroy Any Information Signs Found. If you ask for OP you will be banned. No mods have been removed on this server. Its fully Legit Voltz! No Items banned, however redmatter/antimatter is not recommended. I have made this server because I just want 15+ dedicated people to have an all out war with me and destroy some s**t. This server is up 24/7! However, it automatically restarts at 5am GMT every day. so if you disconnect just re join a few seconds after disconnection. The type of people who i would generally like on my server are people who will be dedicated on my server (regular players) who have experience with voltz and who will possibly record for youtube? I know I will be. Essentially just a nice war environment. So why not join now and get a head start *Signature stolen by Signature Gnomes*
  3. Looking to start a faction within the server. anybody interested add my skype... killthebus55 I need The following -Miners -Electricians -Weapon Engineers -Nuclear Scientists -Spys -Lumberjacks so if you are interested add my skype I will also be recording for a YouTube lets play. Edit: Faction Created. Named TCorp so to join use /f join TCorp
  4. for both of you guys, i have removed the whitelist although not in need of staff as this is a FFA server now! Remember to run Voltz version 1.0.13 :D
  5. Just an alert... the server is currently being awkward so I will whitelist all names when it is properly working again... EDIT: server working IP You must fill the form to be whitelisted.
  6. TCorp Server Ip: Status: UP & RUNNING So I have just re-installed my server onto NiTROPanel & a few things have changed. So basically this is a server with 20 slots now to not overpopulate it. The rules are: -Don't take all machinery when raiding other people's bases. -Don't use redmatter or antimatter, unless purchased from Paycraft Store -Be friendly in chat, no excessive swearing etc... Other than that it is a free for all.... VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! iF YOU CANNOT CONNECT USING 1.0.13... GO TO THE VOLTZ SETTINGS AND CLICK RESET PACK THEN RUN AGAIN ON 1.0.13 AND ALL SHOULD BE FIXED IF THIS STILL DOES NOT WORK, RE INSTALL TECHNIC LAUNCHER BY DELETING .technic ON THE APPDATA FILE
  7. Join the server because you are on the whitelist and we will talk ingame, much easier than email.
  8. I will whitelist you now & also add my skype... killthebus55 we can talk more into this
  9. Server IP: Server Rules: -Red Matter & Anti Matter explosives & missiles aren't allowed and will result in instant ban -You May Not Wear Armour Modified to Invisibility -When Raiding Other Players' Bases do not take all machinery Other Than That, Its no holds barred and a free for all. Groups are allowed bearing in mind there are only 30 Slots available I am currently working on the PayCraft Plugin which allowes you to purchase from my store front and auto recieve the items you have purchased in game. To be put on the whitelist please fill out this form to be either accepted or rejected because I need dedicated players who may donate & help me keep the server going. IGN: Voltz Skill (1-10) How long have you played voltz?: Could You Donate (Not Necessary): Also if you have any ideas for plugins, that would be great :)
  10. I'm going to be setting up my own voltz server & i am wondering if people could help me with a few plugins... I need a download link aswell but the types of plugins i am looking for are: -Anti Grief which is for OP only -A quarry mod like the server finbarhawkes is currently on If anyone has any other plug in suggestions then please post :)
  11. In Game Name: weekcorey1 Age:16 Timezone (GMT+/-): england What's your current playtime spent in game?played minecraft as a whole for almosy 3 years How long do you play daily? approx 4 hours Have you ever been muted or banned? Reasons? no never Why do you want to become a staff member?I like having a role on a server instead or wandering round aimlessly What makes you the best candidate?I ran my own server for a while which had 100 slots and was popular, had to close because of financial difficulties Do you have previous experience with Tekkit? I know more than most people about voltz Do you have previous experience as a staff member? staff rank? I ran my own server for a year and a half Do you have previous experience with anti-grief plugins? I know many anti grief plugins...
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