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  1. Firey and Killshot, you are both added to the whitelist! Welcome to the server! You may need to go relatively far out to actually find any untouched dungeons etc. THERE ARE NO MORE SPACES LEFT FOR THE SERVER! DO NOT APPLY IT WILL BE DENIED!
  2. XTR, I fixed your issue, you should be able to join now! And D3t0x Welcome to the Server! ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO REPLY THERE ARE 2 SLOTS REMAINING!
  3. Hey folks. I recently made a Hexxit server for me and my friends, but I decided to branch it out to the public. IP: I am accepting atleast 3-5 people who want to play. Fill out this form and I will accept who I think deserves to join: Why you want to join: Age: In-Game Name: What your good at: Other: I hope to see a ton of applications roll in :D
  4. - Age: 14 - Why you'd like to be on the server: I would like to join because I don't see many small whitelisted servers out there with just a couple of players, the reason I like a small server is because people can work together easily and they are less prone to griefers and raiders, I also like it because I don't have to worry about hackers very oftenly who may "hack" some explosives in and blow my home sky high, what is also great is that we can all work together and build a huge community of things and become richer than Honeydew and his craving for ores! - Experience in Hexxit: I have played Hexxit a couple of times now and I can guarantee I know a lot of the mods that are included and understand most of them, I am great at Battle Towers because I am a good fighter and archer. - Skype : Yes Cheers - Liam
  5. According to Neowulf I am a big "doody" head After posting my illegal "Battlefield 4" post I received it. Now check out my brand new profile picture Ain't it cute!
  6. And so you know me and my boyfriend are in our 30s and were not lil kiddies, and we keep up with our server, and try and make them the best! Msg me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Or just get on ts or mc, my ingame name is devilishgrl and my ts name is Sara :)

  7. We are currently a hexxit server with a few additional mods, for more info check out my website http://planetf8l.webs.com/planet-f8l-minecraft. Our server info is and we have a TS server as well, and you can connect to the with the same ip you use to connect to minecraft.

  8. Hey seen your post about wanting a hexxit server for you and your friends to play on :) Me and my boyfriend run a VPS and we currently host Dayz And Minecraft, and we will have 7 days to die, as soon as we can host a server for it as well.

  9. age: 14 can you make a server: No sorry. why you'ed like to join my in hexxit: I have really enjoyed playing other Hexxit servers, and I saw you wanted some friends to play with and I have been looking for someone that can just chill out with me and do like a 4 man server thats not crazy and is quite cool. what thing your good in hexxit: BattleTowers, I am great at raiding them and know great techniques to not die in them, I am also good at Chocobo mod, I know how to tame them, and most of the recipes, I also know Pirate ships.
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