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    Rubbertjuh reacted to Yaefnn in [1.1.1]✪ToastyNetworks✪[Survival][GriefPrevention][Close to zero banned items!][Patched Items]✪   
    I'm trying to leave a really unbiased review, but there's honestly so many good things and so little bad things... Also, I've never reviewed, so I'm sorry if this comes out weird. I've been trying to hold off on this until I've been on the server a couple weeks, and that's been accomplished--I've about 3 days of playtime on the server, and the $30k review incentive doesn't mean anything to me at this point. 
    Server Stability
    + Server is very stable despite 60+ people being on it, all of who I am assuming are running vast amounts of machinery. I was very skeptical about the server at first because of its size, but I get 19 to a perfect 20 TPS and a 80 ms ping about 90% of the time.
    + Server restarts about every 1h30m, which fixes things if there's anything weird going on.
    + When the staff are on, they work very vigilantly to eliminate sources of lag. From what I can tell, the main admin and owner are constantly working to try and optimize things and fix things that cause lag.
    - When it lags, it lags. I mean, you'll see 4 or 5 TPS when the server is having really bad lag spikes. Fortunately these only last for like ten minutes, but I've seen them go on for quite a while to the point they're super disruptive. 
    + Staff reply very quickly on the Discord and forums. 
    + Staff works very hard to keep things nice, safe, and tidy.
    + Staff are very active on the server and talk to you like you're a human being. I've never seen the staff talk down to anyone unless that person is being a complete jerk.
    - Couple of the rules are a bit weird, like no free items or sharing links.
    Voting Rewards/Crates
    + The two most common crates (vote/common) don't give anything game breaking.
    + Crates and voting rewards help you swiftly transition out of the early game (dealing with vanilla MC stuff), meaning you can start assembling machinery and mid-game stuff much quicker, which I assume is what most people play Tekkit to do.
    + Free stuff.
    + Free stuff. All you have to do is vote.
    - Can actually slightly break the game if by some rare occurrence you get super lucky, find a Legendary/Rare Key, and unlock something overpowered like a gem chestplate. 
    + Has a Discord which is very active. Someone from the IC2 modpack is actually coming onto the Discord to talk to us and receive feedback as well as answer questions, check the forums to see when.
    + The community has that just-right mix of new people and Tekkit veterans, so it's always fresh.
    + Most of the people are very friendly and helpful.
    + Despite there being, like, 65+ people on the server during peak hours, the chat isn't being flooded by an endless onslaught of messages. Maybe 10-20 people active in the chat during this time.
    - The forums aren't so much for community-building as they are a place to get news/updates or report bugs, exploits, issues, and/or rulebreakers.
    This server is really grand.
    IGN: Mistress_Natzekk
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    Rubbertjuh got a reaction from Gamecrazybro in [1.1.1]✪ToastyNetworks✪[Survival][GriefPrevention][Close to zero banned items!][Patched Items]✪   
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! Much appreciated.
    Expect a big company- update in the beginning of next week! More details will follow on the forums
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    Rubbertjuh reacted to Mega_The_Miner in [1.1.1]✪ToastyNetworks✪[Survival][GriefPrevention][Close to zero banned items!][Patched Items]✪   
    Mega_The_Miner here guys,
    I must say, I've tried a lot of servers and this one is honestly not only the most stable but also the one with the most friendly staff and users. I've had a lot of fun so far and I really hope to have some more later. In addition the lack of banned items apart from the glitchy ones is a big plus.
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    Rubbertjuh reacted to TG_HiddEN in [1.1.1]✪ToastyNetworks✪[Survival][GriefPrevention][Close to zero banned items!][Patched Items]✪   
    Amazing server!! Love it so much! I have been having a blast playing on it with my friends! Staff is super cool and very helpful! Definitely would recommend this server for other buddies and people! Keep on making this server great!
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    Rubbertjuh reacted to hidonfly12345678 in [1.1.1]✪ToastyNetworks✪[Survival][GriefPrevention][Close to zero banned items!][Patched Items]✪   
    The server is really good, the people are nice and the staff work hard to ensure the best experience possible. The lag is almost minimal and the crate system is really fun and well implemented. I really enjoy the server and plan to play on it for a lot more. My in game name is hidonfly12345678 
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