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  1. IGN:vtechguy How long have you played minecraft/tekkit: Since early 2009 Why you want to join the server: I want to record an LP with stability to it. Skype: Vtechguy12
  2. Name: Dominic (vtechguy) Age: 16 Do you have skype: vtechguy12 Where do you live: North Carolina What do you know from tekkit classic: I've been playing it for a couple years. More info i need to know: I have a twitch and youtube. I'm also take my rp very serious if need be :)
  3. Hey, what happened to Harvest Moon?

  4. IGN: vtechguy IRL NAME: Dominic AGE: 16 TIME ZONE: 7:00-8:00 US/Canada MC Experience: Almost 4 yrs of MC, made a modpack/servers, I got a youtube channel, etc Technic Experience: I have played it since the first launcher. Favorite Minecraft Mod?: Ars Magica Favorite Bukkit Plugin? Factions What would you do to make the server better? I would like to advertize. What did you like about the server? I like the concept of a roleplay feel.
  5. IGN: vtechguy Hamachi: vtechguy Skype: vtechguy12 Youtube: Lostcast, thevtechguy
  6. IGN: vtechguy Previous Bans: only on tekkit classic servers for a history with ee2. Been playing minecraft since: minecraft 1.2.5 Been Playing Technic packs since: tekkit classic was the only modpack Favorite mod: ic2 Mod you would like seen added: thaumic bees What Number1Zombie loves to use: He loves setting a quarry up over top your house! Why you should be whitelisted? I am a dedicated player who loves to play mine craft and tekkit alike. I have a YouTube channel and would even consider making a LP series. I have heard that this server has good mods. The mods list seems easy to run and it will most likely not crash me even once. I would love to be whitelisted. What you want to do on the server: I hope to improve my knowledge with the forestry mod pack. I have much information with all of the mod packs except forestry. I am also hoping to get some of my friends onto the server to help me out. It would be a good investment for me to increase my knowledge of how people build and improve my building schools also.
  7. The guy before me was accepted and he had [] in his application, however you accepted him while he broke one of your rules.
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