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  1. Im applying for a friend he doesn't like signing up to forums.. IGN: RMX2009 How long have you played Minecraft for: Since beta 1.2 How long you have played Voltz for: Starting (like me ^^) Your Voltz skill level (1-10): 0 (Like me.. we want to start together) Why do you want to join this server? : We (RMX and Archoncommando) want to play together since we both think playing minecraft alone in a cave is quite boring
  2. IGN: Archoncommando How long have you played Minecraft? : I started playing Minecaft aroudn Christmas 2010 but recently im not playing much, since all my friends stopped playing and teh Server i used to play on shut down months ago... How long have you played Voltz?: never played it before but i watched many videos about it. I also played Tekkit with a friend for a while. Your Voltz-Skillevel: 0 i guess since i never played it before but i think i know how the basic stuff works. Why do you want to join this server? Ater playing Minecraft for like 5 days i knew i wasn't going to play it SP and got on a server and later i had my own one with a friend. I dunno its just that i hate playing SP games without a story just seems boring to me. And since Minecraft got boring after soo many hours i want to play Voltz. And what would be the fun in Voltz if you couldn't present your work to others . Sadly it's pretty hard to find server that are not Hamachi, and don't seem to managed by complete Morons.