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  1. Here's my application: Username: 440_Magnum Age: 17 Why Tekkitopia ? I wanted a server where I can have fun doing what I want on a reliable platform without the fear of griefers. This one looked good, and oddly good looking tekkit servers are getting rarer and rarer. I played a LOT on previous versions, I can't wait to try that one. My secret code: 10Mag Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, we're getting huge rollbacks bugs today: every time someone quit the game and connect back, he will spawn with the inventory he had like 10 hours ago. Also, didn't updated since... 10 hours ago also ? And 1.1.10 is now a recommanded build Edit: Server down Edit2:Server backup evrything is fine now
  3. go to your .technic folder ( C:Users[yourname]AppDataRoaming.technic ) Rename the "tekkitmain" folder to "-tekkitmain" Run the launcher again, be sure to have the 1.1.7 version selected, and run it. The pack will be re-downloaded and you'll have a clean 1.1.7 game, ready to join us.
  4. It's been like 4 monthes we did'nt connect and our base, our stuff and all the fun are still there. Thanks alot guys !
  5. It look like there's a plugin issue, we can't join the server ( error message - "...patience my padawan, bukkitforge is still loading..." ) :/ And 1.06 is now a recommanded build so no need to update Tekkit now. Thanks guys ! This is an amazing server you gave us access !
  6. IGN 440_Magnum. I'm with ViHack33 , Niverton and Fujitus . AGE (14+) 17 Tekkit experience? A few dozens of hours in the previous map. Did you read the rules ? Nope So, do the server now run with Tekkit Liftoff ? ( http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/#mod-list ) It is sad that they didn't included IC² but this gonna be really really nice.
  7. Thanks for this ! So here are our usernames: - ViHack33 - Niverton - Fujitus - 440_Magnum We are all 17, we do agree with the rules ( ahem, NOPE ), we have various tekkit experiences. We play together since last saturday, and this is one of our most fun experience - because of vanilla and the "risk factor" when building in overworld. Thanks again
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