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    weirleader got a reaction from Original_Grendal in Black Minimap on Server   
    any chance you changed the mode by pressing the ; key?
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    weirleader got a reaction from kimchiNchicken in TreeCapitator and FoodPls   
    make a lumber axe (or whatever it's called) in Tinker's Construct; add a ball of moss to it and it will even regenerate itself.
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    weirleader got a reaction from kimchiNchicken in TreeCapitator and FoodPls   
    It's in one of the T-Construct books (or at least one of the two recipes is there...), though it took me forever to notice it.  And boy, did I feel stupid when I realized how hard I'd been looking for something so easy to obtain.
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    weirleader got a reaction from kimchiNchicken in TreeCapitator and FoodPls   
    Don't even bother hunting for moss; make it...
    Mossy Cobble (C = Cobblestone; W = Bucket of water):
    C C C
    C WC
    C C C
    Ball of Moss (M = Mossy Cobble):
    Hope I'm remembering those right.  
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    weirleader reacted to Loader in Black Minimap on Server   
    You think that's weird - sometimes when I'm looking for the solution to something I find it here using google...
    And it was from me. :S
    (woooo tech support ghost story)
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    weirleader reacted to Munaus in Common Problems & Solutions Thread   
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    weirleader reacted to Valkon in How to play offline   
    If my memory is correct, the ability to play offline will only work if the Technic Launcher is set to automatically log in to a certain profile (i.e. the "Remember this account" tick box is checked when you enter your account details). From what I can tell, this isn't the case; try setting it to remember your account next time you use the launcher with internet access and see if it works then.
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    weirleader got a reaction from razgreez in Help with item description   
    Try 'Numpad 1'
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    weirleader reacted to Munaus in Let's Test B-Team 1.0.11!   
    I'll have to repeat myself again: If you have an issue that wont let you play the game, POST IT ON THE TRACKER.
    If you have an issue with the actual update, say: "I threw a zombie-sheep in the smeltery and it did not give me rotten mutton soup!" Yeah that might belong in this thread.
    This thread is here for users to point out the issues with the interaction with mods. If you cannot even play the game, post the issue on the Tracker, not here.
    I'll start warning and deleting posts that ignore my post after this
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    weirleader got a reaction from trent948 in So Now I have a Lag Problem   
    To enable more memory, you need to be running 64-bit java.  (http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp)
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    weirleader reacted to Loader in Let's Test B-Team 1.0.10b   
    I'm sure this is a reasonable request if you're intending to pay the developers.  Are you intending to pay for the developers?
    If you consider for a minute that the main reason they're working on this is because they want to and they're sharing it with everyone because they're being nice.  They're paying for you to be able to play and provide a tool for installation and updates (which took time to write) and paying for your bandwidth costs when you download from them, all to make it easier for you.  They provide even the latest twitchy version if people want to play with it, but they won't call it recommended if it's not ready to be called recommended (this saves many people like me a lot of trouble we'd get from something not being ready, I don't need to pay nearly so much attention because they've got it sorted).
    I know you're not trying to appear ungrateful, but think about what you're saying here;
    The B-Team work with the Technic pack guys to make this stuff available for you to play with (and it is available, just not recommended).  Much bigger groups that should be able to afford it more easily don't bother with that, it's an exceptional interaction with their community.
    The Technic pack guys develop and distribute these packs for free - this must be expensive even just for the bandwidth.  The cost in time for the people working on it is time they could be spending doing contracts for actual money - they're choosing to spend it here, for you.  This is no different in effect from spending even more money, for you.
    The reason not asking about it is policy is probably because of how demoralizing it can be - I don't and have never worked in this team, but in similar situations I've seen similar questions or demands and believe me - when you're doing this for a community because you like them, they like you, it's all "happy fun times" and you get a bunch of guys showing up who make it not fun by making demands on your already stretched time it's really hard to keep bothering (remember you're usually working to be able to pay for all this stuff you're giving away, this is what you do in your free time).  My first reaction when seeing something like this is something along the lines of "Ugh.. you entitled little-" (I'm not saying this about you, I didn't think your post was that bad, but some can be awful and I'm trying to help you understand how another persons mindset might go from the other side of the dev process).
    Now you've read all that you should be able to see what it sounds like and how it comes across - if anyone owes anyone anything, it's you that owes the Technic guys, both for their time and their money.  Your statement can translate to something like "Thanks for the free stuff, but you should give me more free stuff sooner please", which is a little ridiculous sounding when you look at it like that.  Hostility that you see from other forum members when asking about this kind of thing is based around that - if you upset the devs to the point they decide to take a week off or something then you've slowed it down, making things worse for everyone - the devs both who are working with heavier loads now, the devs who are taking a break and may even drop the project altogether if you really struck a nerve, the players who have longer to wait - everyone in the community can suffer for a comment like that, so even if there isn't a rule specifically disallowing it (which, as it was pointed out, there is), it's still a dick thing to do.
    Sorry to rant about this here, but if even one person understands a little better because of this it'll have been worth it.
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    weirleader reacted to Munaus in How Do I Host A Server?   
    what is this thread doing in modpack discussion?
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    weirleader got a reaction from Max_x23 in How Do I Host A Server?   
    1. Download the latest server files (currently, that would be this: http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/bteam/BTeam_Server_v1.0.6.zip).
    2. Extract them to a folder where you'll host the server files
    3. Modify the launch.bat, if you care to and know what you're doing
    4. Run 'launch.bat' and your server should be up and available on your LAN (by default on port 25565)
    5. If you want to make it available to people outside your LAN you're going to have to configure port forwarding
    If you want to run the server on the same computer on which you're playing you'll need a comfortable amount of RAM.  8GB works for me, but we only typically have 3-5 people on our little server and I run about 1.5GB to 2GB for both the game and the server.
    Server GB is set in the launch.bat file (note the min [-Xms] and max [-Xmx] values)
    Game GB is set via the TechnicLauncher (the gear)
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    weirleader reacted to Loader in Hats mod overwrote left click button   
    It's actually in the hats interface, check there;

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    weirleader reacted to plowmanplow in Please post cracked servers here   
    Wow. Just... wow. I needed a good laugh this morning, so thanks for that.
    Idiots, sheesh.
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    weirleader got a reaction from dlepi24 in Attack of the B-Team forums are a mess   
    I've had similar thoughts -- all the posts seem to be "x is broken or not working" and yet they don't bother posting them in the issue tracker.  But short of backseat modding (which is a no-no) I don't really have any idea how to help fix it.
    Like you said, very few are bothering to search the forums.  And a lot of the issues are poorly explained at best.
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    weirleader got a reaction from swallowtail in Creepers   
    To use something like WorldGuard or WorldEdit you need to download MCPC-Plus.  You can get the latest stable version from here: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-164/
    You replace your BTeam.jar file with the file you just downloaded and make sure to rename it BTeam.jar (you might want to keep the old as backup).  After restarting the server you'll find a plugins folder.  Place your WorldGuard.jar and WorldEdit.jar files in there and restart it yet again and they should be active.  To make adjustments to settings you'll need to get in there and change their configs.
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    weirleader reacted to TonyVS in Tekkit 1.2.6 change log?   
    so now that Tekkit 1.2.6 is recommended does that make the Tekkit 1.5.2 - 1.1.0 the new tekkit classic? and tekkit classic now is called tekkit ancient?
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    weirleader got a reaction from nanotekkit in McPc Issues-Attack of the B-Team   
    thanks -- if it persists, I may eventually decide to delete the world file.  But since I currently can just use a build of MCPC+ that's only 6 builds prior to 234 I'll live with it for now.
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    weirleader reacted to Brigadon in Entity's in different dimensions merging   
    I really want to answer your question with a suggestion but I keep getting distracted by your avatar.
    Have you tried... Damn, what is that?
    maybe if you... That Avatar is cool and screwed up at the same time. What is it?
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    weirleader got a reaction from hooptiecoupe in Common Problems & Solutions Thread   
    Shift + scroll to change between similar mob types (sheep, zombies, etc.)
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    weirleader reacted to Cheap Shot in Is Attack of the B-Team Boring???   
    Oh man this thread! I was like "man the whalebox hasn't gotten anything new in a while, maybe I should reopen this thing." and wow. A site called dudequest, someone talking about their fedora collection, and about a dozen people saying they're not angry while calling others angry.
    I'm glad we could get to the bottom of that bat thing guys!
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