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  1. Background:

    Currently I use a network of pneumatic tubes and other redpower items to process the output of quarries. For example, this factory processes the output from 12 quarries and can likely handle many more.


    I imagine having that many items spawned in the pipes creates a fair amount of lag but this setup is capable of processing large amounts of ores and items quickly. So, I have tried to essentially replicate the same thing only using Applied Energistics. The problem I run into though is when I call for an item, for example refined iron, only one machine of the many capable of processing(smelting iron ingots) will do so. Is there any way to get AE to do this in an on-demand basis while using multiple machines?

    I'm looking for a way to do this besides placing an ME interface on top of a chest which will export raw materials to another system which will then automatically(using export buses) process items. And place them into a separate chest which imports into the first system.

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