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  1. It would be helpful if you added your ingame name. Thanks for the reply.
  2. IP: About me: Ingame: Unleashed651 Age : 17 Occupation : Student This is a nice little server with 10 slots (number of slots might change in future). Since the server is the latest version it is still unstable to some explosives and missiles. (We all hope 1.1.4 will soon be recommended build) The server is currently working without a whitelist but I will turn it on after some time. Just comment under this post with your most relevant information e.g : Age , How long have you been playing Minecraft/Voltz , Location . That's all. Some important rules and things to obey : 1. Don't build invisible never findable bases . Feel free to build your house up top above the ground. It is forbidden to attack or raid other player's base IF : 1. You don't have a base yourself 2. The player you are raiding or attacking is offline 3. If you only "farm" his house away (that means you just pick up all the blocks) . Voltz is about using missiles so use them! Or plan on inflitrating a enemies base with decoys to lure him out of his house and then blow up important components etc. play smart! 2. Don't use hacks , abuse bugs or any kind of unfair playing. We all want to have fun. Also don't try to crash the server. These plugins are installed : - Essentials - WorldEdit - WorldGuard Banned items: - Red-Matter explosives/missiles - Antimatter explosives/missiles - Anti-gravitational explosives/missiles - Sonic/Hypersonic explosives/missiles
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