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    Phyroxis reacted to Timendainum in How to run a successful Tekkit Server   
    I don't suppose this problem is just with Tekkit, but I've had some major issues on my server here lately. This is not a critique in any way of how Tekkit is managed.
    Just a short bit of backstory.
    I play minecraft with a group of friends (maybe 10 people all together), we've been playing minecraft since alpha (before multiplayer) and we've run multiple servers and restarted worlds many times. When the "new" Tekkit was release we were very happy, we can get in on the ground floor and stick to a world for some time!
    Here we are less than a year later and we're now being recommended to restart our worlds to use the new Tekkit.
    With this announcement everyone who plays on my server has quit in frustration. Every last one of them. Basically everyone is sick an tired of starting cool Minecraft projects on modded servers only to be forced to restart completely when updates are pushed to modpacks in just a few months.
    How can I keep interest in a modded server when everyone is typically forced to restart multiple times per year?
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