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  1. I could've responded earlier but my phone doesn't work with the forums. I removed NEI and put in craftguide temporarily, I used the latest NEI version from the official downloads (chickenbones.net) for the correct version. NEI and craftguide did not interfere with each other.
  2. I'm pretty sure that writing to SSDs a lot reduces it's lifetime, and it should mainly be used for booting from an OS and after that you install all your games and programs to hard drives.
  3. http://technicpack.net/modpack/paid-request-modpack.811248 NEI Refuses to open up for some reason. CraftGuide worked. Too Many Items just crashed the game. But I prefer NEI over CraftGuide. I have already tried pressing O (and about every single letter on my keyboard besides E) Other notes: NEI does appear in the mod list. Does not appear in the Controls. Game will crash if you scroll through the mod list and then click on NEI's name in the list.
  4. I had same problem, you know what fixed it? I tinkered around and found out that if i deleted the installed and installedpacks files, tekkit started working again! Maybe they corrupted or something...?
  5. I am sorry, i couldn't think of a better place to put this, so i chose this section. I think i found a phishing website for the technicpack! Phishing?: http://platform.sctgaming.com/ Real?: http://www.technicpack.net/ Try to notice the difference, the sctgaming one is bit out of date form the most recently updated technic page(Hexxit is still news on the phishing website, that made me suspicious).
  6. also, i forgot, to contact me: skype: batfreak12345678 i might not go back to tekkit Forums anytime soon, but i'll be on skype most of the time.
  7. i forgot to add the specifics of the computer. Windows 7 Ram : 4GB Graphics by: NIVIDIA e-machines and a sticker on the console (its a home computer) says AMD
  8. Launcher Version: Idk, all I know is that it's probably the latest version. Operating System: Windows 7, Java Version: build 1.7.0_21-b11 Antivirus Program: Norton Description of Problem: when i click on the launcher icon, it opens and shows the new tekkit space logo. it never gets past that. tekkit used to work before. now it just stays at the logo, and i opened windows task manager and i noticed it's memory stays 43,583 KB. i restarted the computer, and the same thing happens. i shut down everything. nothing happens. plus, it never crashes during the logo thingy. so i dont think there
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