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  1. Hello there ck ^^ first off I wanna say that I love ur server so far, it has been a joy playing on it, and now I have another person who has been hearing me rave about it lol and would like to join Their IGN is bloodyimpacts He has played minecraft for almost three months His voltz skill level would have to be around a 3, but he would be sticking by my side We both were hoping he could join this server because we both enjoy a good community where there is a good community, and we enjoy playing together ^^ so he is hoping as well as I am that he will be able to be whitelisted ^^
  2. IGN: Girlgonerogue How long have you played minecraft for? I have played for about one year^^ How long have you played Voltz for? I have played voltz for about two weeks. My voltz skill level? I would have to say I am a 4 1/2 since I know how to make everything and what it does, just not to a full capacity Why do I want to join this server? Well I am a very social person, so whenever I look for a server I try to find a great community where I can meet other gamers and enjoy my experience. I love voltz so far but I am wanting to find a server that I can enjoy enough that it gives the game justice. <3