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Status Updates posted by Torezu

  1. Launcher site seems to be down. I'm not sure why, but there was a DDoS less than a week ago, so this may be related.

    1. Portaddict74482
    2. CharZinta


      Seems to be working for me. define down. Since my mod pack launched fine

    3. Torezu


      This was two days before you posted. I don't think the outage lasted longer than a few hours.

  2. I'm enjoying the new Platform, but I must be getting old. It took way too long to figure out how to add a private pack.

  3. *wonders how long it will take Poryy to notice*

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    2. Torezu


      You haven't noticed it yet.

    3. poryy


      Noticed it. You bastard.

    4. Torezu


      24 days! Yes!

  4. Welcome to the fun. You deserve it. :)

    1. Munaus


      I hope so, we'll see.

  5. Not very much, since anyone using it for ads gets...ummm, punished.

  6. Hey! You stole my title and mangled it!

    1. SimpleGuy


      Borrowed and improved!

  7. If your name comes from where I think it does, I like it. :)

  8. Be careful what you wish for... ;)

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    2. lukeb28


      Wheres the dislike button? I DISLIKE ALL TOREZU SAID HERE ^

    3. Torezu


      *Palpatine voice* I'm afraid the dislike button will be quite inoperational when your friends arrive...

    4. lukeb28


      You make me hate you then make me laugh... Truly I tell you, you are an evil to be contended with.

  9. It's all fun and games until someone loses an avatar. >:)

    Welcome to the club.

  10. You will have a very short stay here if you continue, and you'll probably get a name change if you want to keep the account.

  11. You say we don't need an application, yet we are not whitelisted. ;)

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    2. Torezu


      It's the same as it is here. It never occurred to me that they would be different. *slaps forehead*

    3. lukeb28


      Your added! Enjoy the server!

    4. lukeb28


      Some people like myself have a different forum name. My IGN is elitehater28. Quite different.

  12. hey you, how not to bug admins, moderators, and developers with help requests?

  13. Multi-posting the same crap for your server isn't getting you any brownie points. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    1. cjwild


      my mouse had an error and it clicked a bunch of times. Sorry

    2. Torezu


      Okay, just read the posting requirements before you submit something else.

  14. Don't PM people with random bug reports. Most of them won't appreciate it, and they'll probably report you for annoying them when you should be posting a bug report on one of the Bug Boards. Also, use the search bar first. If you can't get the server running because your computer can't find Java, actually administering a server will be more than you can handle.

  15. The expression on my avatar's face matches mine half the time.

    1. Zealdd


      I can Imagine xD

  16. Okey-doke. If people PM me with bug reports...I will warn them into keller status. Don't worry, you can get out of it in a month.

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