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  1. Minecraft IGN: TheLastBlacGuy Age: 17 Gender: Male Location: US Why do you want to play on T4?: Your what we want section pretty much sums up what I have been looking in a server! Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: Umm just came from FTB Ultimate on a small server. So I do know my way around the mods that are in the new Tekkit.
  2. 1. IGN:TheLastBlacGuy 2. Age: 17 3. Email:[email protected] 4. Location: US 5. Time of day you mostly play: 2PM-10PM Pacific time. Almost every day off and on throughout those times. I may be 17 but I do play with two older players that did a application Benissbored and Svalkur. I have no need to lie about my age. I hope to hear from you soon!