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  1. it got a 1 out of 45 It has now come down to the fact that google chrome is also blocking it from being downloaded
  2. i will try that i found the name it was W32.Adware.Gen that was the name my antivrus got i will try that website
  3. I have played on the Technic launcher for a long period of time and i have recently run into a problem today when i opened my launcher my antivirus Webroot detected a threat and removed it with my launcher now when i try to install it that's all it does i cant open it. I can try different things like deleting everything then re-installing any tips? and i also tryed looking at where the link for the download would take me and if you click on the windows downloand and copy the link this is what i got http://mirror.technicpack.net/launcher/242/TechnicLauncher.exe i dont know if its a fake or rea
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