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  1. Simulcraft Modpack official server! Simulcraft is a modpack aimed at providing the best possible user experience with a heavy lean on balance between tech and magic mods, some of the notable mods we have installed are: Galacticraft, Mekanism, Archimedes Ships, ReactorCraft, RotaryCraft, Decocraft2 and many more. Currently we have no banned items and are looking for staff, but please do not come onto the server and start off with "hey i want to be an admin, can i please be an admin?!" We also have a lot of plugins and mods aimed at server security, logging, and backups/rollbacks. Imagine spending 80 hours on your creation/base and someone comes along and griefs it, makes you feel pretty bad, my goal is to eliminate that altogether, it is my personal goal to protect every member on the server and give you the best security possible. Here's the Discord link!https://discord.gg/MmesZPt Modpack Link
  2. David, the server is online, and will remain online for the next 14 hours.
  3. It is on. Server has been on for two hours, no sign of you yet... The server will be online for another 2 hours.
  4. Right, at the moment it isn't 24/7 because my server is refusing to run the batch file with JRE8, so, i'll have to figure something else out.
  5. It should be working, let me check to make sure the download links are correct. Edit: Fixed, there was a typo in the download link on the technic page.
  6. I would like to update the pack within the week to include the following mods: Tinker's Construct Tinker's Steelworks Tinker's Mechworks Mystcraft Update ComputerCraft from 1.58 to 1.63 If anyone has any suggestions for mods compatible with 1.6.4, please add them here and i will look into it. Legend: Will Add Will Add if it doesn't conflict with other mods (Not including ItemID's) Might Add - Depending on Community Feedback Tests were successful, Tinker's Construct, Steelworks, and Mechworks were installed, ComputerCraft was updated to 1.63 from 1.58 Edit: Make sure to clear your Cache folder inside of "%AppData%/.technic/modpacks/simulcraft-modpack" when you play, as to be able to download the latest update!
  7. Techstar, many apologies, i was AFK dealing with an issue in real life, please feel free to rejoin and i'll help you learn the pack.
  8. Welcome! Simulcraft is awaiting you, we're a server using our custom mod-pack Simulcraft, rather original name, right? Lame names aside, this mod-pack contains some of the most advanced mods i could lay my hands on, including, but not limited to: Server for this Modpack is now 24/7 Dedicated. Minecraft Coder Pack Cauldron Forge Mod Loader Minecraft Forge AppliedEnergistics Core CodeChicken Core Immibis's Microblocks Not Enough Items PowerCrystals Core Forge Multipart BuildCraft Thermal Expansion IndustrialCraft 2 Immibis Core Advanced Machines Applied Energistics AE Lights YMTLib HariboteAirCraft Buildcraft Tools BD Lib Chocolate Quest ComputerCraft MineFactory Reloaded Big Reactors ExtraBiomesXL Forestry Red Gear Core Brewcraft Extended Mod Config CoroAI DecoCraft Dimensional Anchors Thaumcraft DragonAPI Extended Renderer Extra Doors Xplosion Core Flat Bedrock Gems+ Hopper Ducts Inventory Tweaks Luppii's Ladders Liquid Fuels MCICraft Modular ForceField System ProjectRed MiscItemsAndBlocks More Backpacks More Lanterns PCL RotaryCraft ReactorCraft RedLogic Redstone Arsenal SecureCraft Snowfall Tubestuff Zan's Minimap AIBlock Weather and Townadoes Minecraft Multipart Plugin Forge Microblocks BetterStorage ElectriCraft Archimedes Ships More Pistons And many more, please Come check us out. Mod-pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/simulcraft-modpack.392634 Server IP: To view screenshots of the mod-pack, please visit this link to view the gallery, will add more periodically. I do have a shader pack installed, it does not come with the mod-pack, though.
  9. Starting download of http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/version/1.2.5/1.2.5.json, with 3 tries remaining Little help please?
  10. I have my own dedicated server machine on a 30MB connection, so i host it myself.
  11. Thanks for the reply Crank, is there a way i can make the server upload the mods to the users when they try joining, so they don't have to go and download it from a website? (like counter strike or UT2,3,4 did)
  12. Not trying to bump this but i really need a reply at least for my question "if i download the new mods and install them to my server, will the players that use my server have to come and download them as well?"
  13. Greetings, i am currently running a Tekkit Classic server and was wondering if anyone can recommend any mods to download for it? i want something that will add a bunch more machines than IC2 or Buildcraft, also, if i download the new mods and install them to my server, will the players that use my server have to come and download them as well? Thank you for any assistance, and i apologize if this has been answered a million times before, i have only just started playing with Tekkit a few days ago.
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