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  1. I've tried redstone energy conduit with the same result.
  2. Oh.. and I am using stone bricks for the planting surface at level 2 of the farm.
  3. Some additional observations.. I have placed humus on the ground, planted trees manually (even though the multifarm is managed). Trees grow, but the farm won't harvest them. I'm running 4 biogas engines directly connected to the gearbox with golden conductive pipe. The farm is supplied in the correct locations with dirt, water, fertilizer and oak saplings. The fertilizer count continuously decreases 1 about every 2-3 seconds, but the usage bar to the right of it is blank. It never shows that it is being used. All of this, and the farm simply doesn't seem to be working. The engines come on initially, the pipe shows current for about 10 or so seconds, then goes away and the engines stop as if no MJ is being requested by the farm. WTF??
  4. Ok.. So I am having trouble getting my tree farm to work with the new Big Dig setup. I had a tree farm in the old one, so I'm not new to them. It is a simple oak tree multifarm used for harvesting saplings. Size is 4 X 4. I power it (plenty of power), added constant water supply, dirt, saplings and fertilizer to the correct slots. I made the grid for the trees out of stone bricks just as I had before in the old big-dig version. For whatever reason, it won't place any dirt, or plant trees. The farm looks right, however the GUI indicates that it is missing fertilizer. I added a stack of fertilizer (created from appetite and sand), however it just sits there. Any ideas??
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