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  1. Unfortunately we no longer have the time to maintain this server.

    We believe that anyone who has put a lot of work in this server should be able to download the full world and do whatever they want with it. We hope that somebody wishes to revive it!

    Download World

    Version: Tekkit 1.1.7 (Can be updated)
    File size: 1.2GB (compressed) -- (2GB uncompressed)

    Mirror #1 - http://speedy.sh/HQyPK/TourneyTekkitWorld.rar (No longer works)
    Mirror #2 - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24765056/TourneyTekkitWorld.rar
    Mirror #3 - http://www.multiupload.nl/J96PKJVHV (No longer works)


  2. _B3YOND_ you have just proved your self once again how immature you are and proved that I made the right decision to ban you. By the way I have also reported your post as it does not belong in this thread, do your self a favour and stop embarrassing your self. This is my server, I define the rules. I can ban you for no reason at all if I feel like. I do not even need to provide you with an explanation. However I am a nice guy so I will. You griefed, you got banned. Easy as that. Move on...

    The_Doctor, thanks your application. I would like to talk more to you in private. Could you PM me your contact info? Steam, Skype or whatever you have.

  3. I am the kid that was banned and i would like to try to appeal it and I do not think that this is fair i was griefed and trolled by a kid named SilentZoom who killed all my animals took some of my stuff and destroyed everything around my house that he could that could then quit the server all i did was mess around with him and place lux capacitors and in the end we became friends and i apologized to him I really would like to get unbanned I love this server its really fun to play on and i promise that you would never here from me again i would be peaceful and mind my own business i apologize for everything and anything i did and i hope u would be kind enough to unban me cause i love this server thank you

    If you were grieved you should have reported it like the gentleman above did. Not grief other innocent people in frustration. If a player asks you to leave his claim you should do so, other wise it is considered griefing. You refused and then on top of that annoyed the owner by spamming lux capacitors in his claim which is also considered griefing. Like I have said before in this thread we do not tolerate childish behaviour of any kind. If you valued the server so greatly you should not have done what you did. Your ban will not be lifted, sorry.

    Hey Pewx.

    I was just wondering if it's possible to apply for admin, in cases where it's needed and no moderators are online.

    (This is not my application, this is simply to find out if this is possible.)

    Thank you.

    You can apply yes, we are always looking for people to make the server a better place! But it is not guaranteed that we will accept.

  4. A couple days so far... the host server is *mostly* 24/7 barring any major power outages, but it's only getting me logging in/out to check on the lua-script logs to make sure the timestamps kept increasing, occasionally check some tidbit of Atomic Science testing, and the lua scripts running on the CC computers.

    Let's try it on the live server then. 1.1.7 has been running smoothly so far.

  5. Ok, will check it out, thanks.

    I'm not testing on single player, BTW. It's a separate Debian linux VMware instance running tekkit 1.1.5 server on a server platform on my local network. I dropped a dimensional anchor and have multiple computers running instances of my code. I'm going to put MCPC+ on next to see if I can reproduce it there.

    Oh then it's interesting. Are you letting it run for a long period?

  6. haven't really played minecraft at all in the last 6 months. Gonna try this server out. community looks decent from this forum and with a 1k size+ protection and extremely minimal banned mods, I'll be more than happy to lend a hand here.

    You're very welcome to join us.


    Relative to the ComputerCraft issues - it looks like you can use a wireless modem still, correct?

    Reason(s) I'm asking:

    1) dan200 seems to think it's an MCPC+ caused issue and supports "pure Forge only", and the MCPC+ team thinks it's dan200's - i.e. this won't get resolved any time soon, and I've been trying to recreate it on a 'stock' 1.1.5 Forge-only server locally and can't

    2) I've looked at all the similar tracebacks on this (including yours on the MCPC+ github), and basically it looks like the TileEntityCable.attach call is where the locks/thread blocking starts... so wired modems only is the presumption.

    3) It -does- look like a basic computer placed next to each peripheral I'm monitoring can see them via the peripheral API (i.e. the redstone energy cube states/values)

    So I was looking to overcome this by modifying my earlier code to replace wired modems with a remote wireless computer and have each establish a channel back to a 'head-end' advanced computer that can do the control of the various other elements (or send commands off to other remotes), and make pretty graphs, etc.

    But obviously I'm not looking to be the cause of a crash :-) - thoughts?

    It's just I'm hitting bugs in the PRC with client-side crashes tracing back to the PRC GUI trying to use it, and some variables in the PRC are getting stuffed with odd values.

    Not to mention lua code is easier for me to read, lol. I never did well with logic-gate/machine-code logic. :-)

    As an aside, it looks down again - but this time not even the Dynamicmap comes up, in case you're not aware.

    *Edit:* It's back up now, so I guess you're aware!

    It was down for a few minutes when you checked because we were changing some settings to prevent lava lag.

    As for testing modem / cable. I don't think you can produce the crash like that in single player because the crashes seemed to appear randomly. For example out of nowhere when no one was online.

    I appreciate you taking the time to find out what the "real" cause was. I think we should test your theory with only wireless modems and see how that works out. If we get the same error again we at least know what is causing it and can remove it.

  7. Thanks eph now i can't play on my favorite server..

    What's wrong?

    Thanks Pewx - it was probably me then - I'll be sure to yank all the wired modems/cables I may have left - if you haven't done that yet - and stay off my CC coding for them until that gets updated... although I still don't see an update in 1.56 for it from the changelogs, so not sure if Cloudy is updating or waiting for more reproductions?

    I don't know either to be honest. Strange bug.

  8. After contacting MCPC team with crash log, they helped me find the issue. It is indeed related to ComputerCraft.

    The reason for the crash can be found here: http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/index.php?/topic/13089-updating-a-wired-network-can-cause-a-peripheral-deadlock/

    Please be careful when using CC modems, networks and gate readers etc. As they are bugged in the current version of CC.

  9. Hmm. Hoping for no lag on a server all the way across the Atlantic and then some might be a little optimistic. I'll hop on tomorrow again to see how it is.

    If you tried to join yesterday we were suffering from HEAVY lags because of around 200 000 flowing lava blocks in nether. Caused by lava pumps. We fixed it however so there shouldn't be any lags at all now. May be slight if you're across the Atlantic indeed but shouldn't be much.

  10. This looks like a really great server. I'll check it out when I get home.

    I don't generally play on public servers but this seems like a good place to start. :)

    You're very welcome to join.

    The server is indeed public but has a very small user base so it pretty much feels like playing on a private / closed server in my opinion.

    We are usually 0 players during day time and around 8 players during evening. (European time)

    Update: We had some heavy lags today (15th july) and it has been fixed.

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