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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to JaariAtmc in No modpacks will install. Version.json not found error.   
    Issue was fixed about 2 hours after the initial report.
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Kepsnius in 3.0.5 server   
    well yeah. thanks for trying anyways lol

    lmao i just found some random old video with a mediafire 3.0.3 tekkit classic server! i downloaded it and kept switching versions to check which one it is and bam success! ty
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from Kepsnius in 3.0.5 server   
    If you're sure you can't find any logs other than the console there's not much I can do :(. You could try to search the net for anyone who still has the old files
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from E4RU in Converting modpacks   
    Well I could keep the old world chunks and just generate a new world around those... I guess, I'm gonna experiment more around with it, thanks for your help mate
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from NielsDeKoe in Doesnt let me login in the launcher   
    Use your email adress. Have you migrated your mc account to mojang? Use your mojang email and password
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Torezu in Some guy that doesn't care about how much effort he makes!   
    Your post disappears and you post pretty much (or exactly) the same thing? See anything wrong with that?
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Torezu in Some guy that doesn't care about how much effort he makes!   
    It just looks like you didn't try. You may meet the bare minimum of information, but the quality of the post is otherwise so bad with misspellings and general lack of effort that I don't really feel the need to approve it.
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from SuperExoKill in I try to download the launcher, but the launcher won't even open!   
    Ehm. That is quite a rare issue. Try downloading CCleaner or an advanced deleter program. And clean up ALL the bits the technic launcher left behind. Also, delete your current java version and download java 8 & 64 bits 
    After you've done that try downloading the technic launcher again
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to YoWaddles in XenoCraft SMP (youtubers needed!)   
    Hello there its YoWaddles again! As some of you may already know, I am a part of the Xeno Craft modded SMP Well good news! the SMP is in need of new members!   Qualifications Are:   1. have a minecraft account    2. have the technicpack launcher installed - http://www.technicpack.net/   3. have a YouTube channel and be able to post at least once a week   4. have Team speak 3   5. have Skype   Rules:   1. No foul language / profanity ETC!   2. Absolutely! NO GRIEFING "these mods are hard enough without the threats of other members"   3. Be active "this is not an SMP for just any body to play it is a YouTuber SMP and we hope for it to be great one day"   there are more rules I think but those are the main ones     OK so thats about it   If you want to know a but more about the SMP you can comment below or even go check out soem videos we have already done on the SMP to see what it is like - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpI_JkpZsIvyqssqJBRqevexLmy0QM50r   So...are [you] up for the challenge?
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from FiveFistNinja in How To Make an Energy Condenser (Craft Guide)   
    whispers: (nei)
    Nice you made it anyway  
    And I confused you with another FiveFistNinja on youtube, oops
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Funxional6 in Modpacks won't launch   
    I found a way to fix the "Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx256M" bug, just remember to restart your computer after doing that, otherwise it won't work.
    Here are the videos I found:  
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from ISuckEggrolls in Pressing Play but launches Vanilla Minecraft (modpacks)   
    You can manually fix it. Download the latest forge universal for your version (1.7/1.8 I dont know) and put it in modpacks/madpack 3.0/bin and rename it to modpack.jar. That should fix it
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to j0ach1mmall3 in I Cant Change My Skin..   
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to JaariAtmc in Allocated heap space bug(?)   
    At the end of your log, there is this line:
    [B#339]  Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx512M
    The problem you are encountering is caused by a java environment variable which limits all java processes to 512 MB max.
    Even though you might think to prevent this by just ramping your RAM usage up in the launcher, this environment variable just happily overrides that.
    Please join the Technic discord chat, and ask in the #help channel how to remove the Java environment variable. This happens quite often, so no worries.
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Tavisco in [Software][Solder] Solder Packer   
    Have you ever losted a lot of time copying a mod to the mods folder, and then compacting it, and then changing the zip's name, etc for using in Solder? For 5, 6 mods it's ok, but for 30-40? Wel...
    If this ever happened to you, your problems are now solved! I present you SolderPacker!
    This program will take all the mods from a folder, and do the rest of the job to you! After that, you only need to upload the mods to your Solder setup and be happy!
    This software will more precisely do:
    1. Create a folder called mods at the output directory;
    2. Create a folder inside the created 'mods' folder with the modslug of the mod;
    3. Grab the .jar of the mod, move it to another 'mods' folder, and then compact it;
    4. Move this new .zip to the corresponding folder created before.
    You will have something like that at the end:
    MyModpack (output folder) --> mods --> MyAwsomeMod --> MyAwsomeMod-2.3.zip --> mods --> MyAwsomeMod-2.3.jar
    That is exactly what Solder demands! Yeey!
    It is programmed in Java, so it should run in Windows, Linux and MacOs X. Tested in Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.04.
    Go ahead to my Github page to usage instructions and the source code: https://github.com/tavisco/SolderPacker
    Last version: 1.0
    1.0: Download
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from DecayingMist in Help Please   
    From the official java website ofcourse:
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from alexchos in Voltz for Dummies   
    5/7 haha I get that quote damn you Brendan!
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from Reggie88 in I changed my username now my technic pack won't work   
    use your Mojang email adress and Mojang password to login
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Reggie88 in I changed my username now my technic pack won't work   
    If you have done a profile name change at Mojang, then use your email, same as your account at mojang to login to Technic Launcher.
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to Gudbrandus in Need Dev for a Tekkit Main server!   
    I am a Moderator on a server called Purge Network for Tekkit Classic and we are currently looking for a developer who will help us make a Tekkit Main server v3.1.2. The server has to be using the factions plugin. We have builders to create warps, spawn and other things we need for a good Tekkit server. We have tried making a Vanilla Factions server but our developer was mean and he was kicked from developer. Our 2nd one was for Tekkit Main but the server just stopped working so he banned everyone and gave up. We need someone who wont give up and WILL make a server for us. Our Tekkit Classic server is tekkit.purge-network.com, website is purge-network.com. Please contact me or the owner on skype. Our usernames are as provided:
    Owner: rokon1minecraft
    Me (Moderator) : thegamingant123
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    jumpandshootbeef got a reaction from Dragonkkealk in EE3 - No talisman of repair   
    Talk to server admin, projectE is the same as EE3 only with more stuff in it. more ye old fashoned EE
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to sct in The Official Technic Wiki needs YOUR help!   
    It's finally happening. An official place to centralize all the information this great community has. An official wiki!

    Awhile ago we were sitting around wondering why we don't just throw up an official place for people. They are using all these other sites with information scattered across the internet and it is probably a pain in the butt to find a complete wiki or a wiki at all for some of the mods. So, we decided to start our own!

    What we need though is your help to fill in everything! The Wiki will have many purposes. Obviously documenting mods is an important aspect but the Wiki will also have information about our modpacks, guides, server tools, whatever! There is really no limit to what can be useful.

    So if you are interested in helping (please be!) then we could really use your help. You can find the wiki here:


    Your account on the wiki is linked with your forum account. As long as you are logged in on the forums, you will be logged in on the wiki!
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    jumpandshootbeef reacted to ThatGamerBlue in [UNRESOLVED] Attempted to extract file but it did not exist.   
    http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/rivers-mlg-pack is my pack link. is the direct download to the .zip file. http://imgur.com/fIsBYaB
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