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  1. 17 ghostcrawl4 I used to be a member of Minerva's realm and would like to join the new server. I loved Minerva and was really bummed when it was turned off. I would love to be on the newest version.
  2. Probably not the best place to post this, feel free to delete, I won't be offended. First off, extra utilities and openblocks go pretty much hand in hand, is it possible to add it in? I also think thaumcraft would be a great addition as well.
  3. Not to be a nuisance but does this mean that Applied Energistics has been removed? It's not included in the mod list. My bad, it's later in the list. My blunder was due to it being misplaced alphabetically.
  4. IGN: ghostcrawl4 AGE: 17 (soon to be 18) WHY TEKKITOPIA?: I'd like to be a part of a mature community as claimed by your server posting. The plugins shown in the videos match what I try to find in servers and based on the overall quality of the server posting (being that it has several videos, well-explained server feature, etc.) it seems quite apparent that this is a well-run server that I'd like to be a part of. SECRET CODE: 11gho
  5. Age: 17 ign: ghostcrawl4 (no spaces, no caps) and I'd appreciate it if my sister could join me as well: pixiestar500 (age 12) Why: Just like everyone else, I'm looking for a decent server to let my creativity run wild. What I'll build: If you'll let me, I intend to make a city. In this city, there will be public power and several prime examples of architecture at it's finest (in due time of course).
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