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  1. its really  sad its closed i want it to be back up as team lixo griefed it but i know thier usernames and i have an idea on how to stop them from being able to grief us plz skype asap

  2. ok and do you have a skype i can contact you on or do you have teamspeak so i can talk to you about what it takes to be a mod as you will only be a jnrmod not a full mod which means you get same commands as full mod but not kick and ban and other stuff like that

  3. server ip =

    server rules =

    1. no killing anyone that doesn't have iron+ Armour

    2. no spawn killing

    3. must declare in chat that they are under attack(eg. eggman is under attack by poopyman)

    4. dont beg for items from admins aswell as op

    5. no killing people if they are not in iron+ armour and dont have a weapon or dont attack you first

    6. no griefing


    I always wanted a tekkit server but never knew how to port forward it but then i founf out and ive been playing on it ever since

    the expected uptime of the server will be 24/7

    the current people on the server are not many but they are really nice apart from a few who have been punished but other than that theres a pretty good community and if you ask for an item someone will most likely give it to you

    there is a teamspeak server aswell :

    i expect you to be on this server when you are on the tekkit server but you dont have to

    greylist application to be admin / mod



    What do you want to be:

    Why do you want to be a (admin/mod)(need to apply for mod first):

    Do you have any experiance as a mod/staff on other server:

    Are you a Good builder:

    if so add some photos of your builds!

    i am looking for a spawn designer aswell as a server helper to help get plugins wroking as everytime i try to get it to work the server lags like crazy event though i have alot of ram 

  4. my ign is thrillrider78 i would like to join a good server and i would be happy to host a free teamspeak 3 server for this server and make you a full admin on it so u have full perms and i want to run a brother server to those who want to be able to have staff on usually