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    Derivus got a reaction from Flameoguy in [0.6.5]Small TekkitLite Server[PvE(SMP)][20 Slot][Whitelist][Mystcraft Removed] Small Community   
    Hello, and thanks for opening the thread.

    NEW IP!!!!

    I currently own a small Tekkit Lite Server (20 slots) with just a few active players.
    I am looking to increase the population of players because it gets kind of lonely at times.

    All of the current players are in college, but there is no age restriction on joining.
    Both Mystcraft and Dimensional doors are removed. (prevents people getting trapped and multiple word tethering eating up the CPU).

    I don't have any plugins currently installed (including grief prevention). I am looking for players that are interested in playing on this server like they would play on single player, but with the option of trading and learning from other players at the same time. That being said, no cheating or griefing will be tolerated, and I will not hesitate to check logs restart the server to a backup if an issue arises.

    My friends and I like playing the game without cheating and like to "keep it real". (IE, play the game legit. People that enjoy playing single player without cheats will understand). We are looking for like-minded people.

    There are no banned items but large cobblestone generating systems are banned: they eat RAM and are really bulky. Players are free to use revved up power armor, mining lasers, and explosives. However, griefing with these will earn you a quick ban and the server a quick reset.

    New players should expect to operate the game like the would on single player: find a suitable area in which to live, get started on basic living, and expand from there. They should NOT find a currently owned residence and try to use its materials. World generated structures and naturally occurring buildings are fine. Trading with other players and using their machines (WITH PERMISSION)!!! is both welcomed and encouraged.

    I won't deny people based on age, but it is a helpful number to know in case an issue arises .
    If interested, please fill out a simple application with the following format:

    Minecraft Username:
    Your long term minecraft project:
    Why you want to play on this server:

    Thanks for your time and I hope to see some of you soon!

    If you are approved I will add you to the whitelist as soon as I can and you can start playing straight away!

    NEW IP!!!!
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