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  1. I think that the flour one's added by applied energistics. Which one happens when you crush wheat, out of interest? In other news, I think I've finally, actually killed that memory leak. I'm awaiting feedback from some people testing for me on Github, until then I'd recommend that people keep their dynamic tanks chunkloaded. They don't unload properly once they're loaded.
  2. Huh, that memory leak I thought I killed just took down my server. I'll see if I can get rid of it for good, then I'll put another build out. Probably tomorrow. I'll see how it goes.
  3. Seems the "final" build number on the last build was optimistic. I've cherry-picked the fix for cronus425 and Blackstar881's crash, and a crash caused when the robit was attempted to be placed on a non-chargepad tileentity onto the 1.5 branch. Try out the bugfix1 build here. And off the top of my head, I think the mechanical pipe might need to be shift-right-clicked with the charged configurator.
  4. Huh, that looks like it's my fault. I'll take a look. EDIT: Looks like a missing nullcheck. I'll get a patched 1.5 build out when I can.
  5. I've fixed the AE conflict and the electric pump's texture, and backported the basicCircuit/circuitBasic fix into a hopefully final 1.5 build. I've given the builds to Calclavia so they should be in next time Voltz updates. Also, I agree that Voltz would benefit from the addition of RedLogic, as well as maybe some more of Chickenbones' mods (I think EnderStorage and Translocators specifically would add a lot of utility to the pack, transport-wise).