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  1. are you sure you are using 1.3.9? when i try to connect to the server with that it says i have the wrong mod versions.
  2. ALRIGHT EVERYONE! I HAVE MANAGED TO REVIVE THE SERVER! I CAN BRING BACK THE DEAD! Still testing to make sure everything works, so its still beta-ey, if you want to help test tentative ip is
  3. No matter what i do i cant seem to fix the server, i have deleted everything but it still refuses to run. So im afraid that's the end of our rather short server.
  4. Backup is what wont work, i might have to wipe the map entirely. This could suck...
  5. Dimensional doors do not generate terrain, its just void. I have no server window, also no one can connect because server desyncs
  6. Server is going to be down for maintenance until further notice. WE are working on restorting the map but if it doesnt work we might need a total server wipe/
  7. ok plugins installed, however it doesnt bring up a server window, i really need it. Also a host of other smaller bugs, ask roondak for list
  8. Server is broken, i set off an REP and that breaks server permanently soooo im gonna wipe map, start a new map, and we can use plugins too
  9. Back up again, no worries. My trip isnt that interesting anyway, this give me something to do.
  10. This is just gonna be a barebones post, its a home host server. IP: Rules: None, do whatever you want i don't care, but don't mess with mods or admins. Sadly i had to disable the crafting of IC2 Credits, since players wanted a stable economy. NO BANNED ITEMS EITHER WOOOHOOO sadly no plugins, im too lazy (stupid) to implement I was browsing through all the big dig servers, and i realize that all the servers have pesky restrictions and rules and that nonsense, who needs that anyway, so here is my take on Big Dig Freedom. The uptime of the server is
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