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  1. That's fine, I just deleted everything I posted since it's irrelevant several months down the road Short version: I moved the server, you asked why, I responded while agitated, you responded to my agitation, we bickered for 3-4 posts, others joined in on the fun, I gave up trying to explain what happened and unwatched the thread. Not that I owe either of you an explanation by any means. Edit: I do wish the modteam here didn't consist of trolls though (Another reason to go with FTB)
  2. I'm not running the server at all anymore, haven't been since probably mid-August. I closed this server after having problems with big dig 1.3.9. I tried 1.3.13 still had problems, so then I just moved it to FTB Unleashed for the time being. I got an inquiry about it the other day and simply wanted the topic deleted as they did for me over on the FTB forums, I didn't think it would be an unreasonable request.
  3. You do know that the irc is not a magic help box, right? No I'm a complete idiot who just somehow threw a server together. Doomzzday01 said: ↑ Blah cool story. I'm unwatching this topic now.
  4. I really don't want to be attracting members from the technic forum over to my server, so I'm not concerned about potential users. I have since spoken with last and he was indeed mistaken. I will apologize for placing that blame on you. That being said, your attitude in the post above ('Thanks for the warning') really makes you come across as quite rude, and I'm sure you can see that as well. (As it was the goal of the post) I will instruct the community that you are not the blame, however, your attitude of the situation really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Instead of inquiring on the forums I setup for communication, you chose to go here and post a flame. 'it's not my job to inquire as to the reason for every action you make' - It's not my job to pick up the information and put it in your lap. I told the reason on my website which you have for some reason ignored. (Which is strange as I basically set it up for you) I'm going to be leaving the ban in place solely for your attitude in these posts, with regards that you did not directly hurt the previous server. I wish you luck finding someone that can handle the problems that arise from Big Dig's issues. Having my map basically eat itself and getting zero help from the technic irc really bummed me out as far as anything technic related. Sorry I'm not psychic.
  5. Oh yeah no problem. Nevermind the corrupted map I wasted hours trying to save... Ask for details before being a prick. Oh btw, everyone lost their stuff, you're not special. btw it was actually your fault the map got messed up. Your soul shards corrupted a chunk and it spread. I went ahead and banned you after lastofthegreeks informed me about your soul shard spawner. You will not be welcome on any services I run.
  6. McMMO isn't something I will be adding. Also, shameless bump.
  7. hey its mdogg from ur server and we have a problem the area that we live in is now crashed and we rele want to play on ur server