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    Gorian reacted to Skuli in Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!   
    There should be another beta round and EXU 1.0.3c will be in the build.
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    Gorian reacted to Skuli in Let's Test Tekkit 1.2.9c beta!   
    Waila needs to be added to server, it appears.  I'll add that to the existing server zip today, go ahead and copy the waila file over to the server for now and verify it fixes the issue...
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    Gorian reacted to Munaus in Track Tekkit issues!   
    Have issues with Tekkit? Fret not! We have a place in the Bug Reports for you!

    Please read and follow the [rules incoming soon], so we can enjoy the Bug Reports together and help eachother!
    Create your report according to the [new Template coming soon]!
    Tekkit bug reports --> http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/69-tekkit/
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    Gorian reacted to jakalth in Best Yellorium reactor design   
    Steam Dynamo: 40mb/tick of steam 80RF/tick of power  or 2RF per 1mb of steam
    Big Reactor Turbine: 3.28 - 11.68RF per 1mb of steam
    Atomic Science Turbine: 3995RF for 1800mb steam(give or take a few 100)... or 2 - 2.2 RF per 1mb steam
    Mine Factory Reloaded Turbine:  40mb/tick of steam 80RF/tick of power or 2RF per 1mb of steam
    Big reactor turbines have the highest steam to power conversion of any steam device available in tekkit.  Most, not all, other steam power devices have the same formula 2RF per 1mb steam.  Even those in mods that are not in tekkit, like railcraft.
    In theory, it should be completely possible to run a big reactors turbine from an atomic science plasma generator(aka: fusion reactor).  Would be an interesting monster to see.
    Leave the coolant inside and just add coolant ports too the reactor when you start using turbines.  The internal coolant healps greatly with efficiency and heat transfer.  Otherwise the steam generation will be severely hampered.
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    Gorian got a reaction from Curunir in Extra Utilities Drum   
    BTW, you can use NEI to dump a list of free IDs.
    NEI -> Options -> Tools -> Data Dumps -> Blocks/Items (set to Free) -> dump
    This will create a file called items.csv in 
    <technic>(default is %appdata%.technic)tekkitmaindumps
    so, by default, that will be %appdata%.technictekkitmaindumpsitems.csv
    Then, pick any ID on the list, and you should be fine.
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    Gorian reacted to Neowulf in Is tekkit made for single or multiplayer?   
    Don't wanna.
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    Gorian got a reaction from MachoMancha in How to enable sprint in Tekkit Main 1.2.8d?   
    find your technic install, by default it's something like
    %appdata%.technic edit numina.cfg
    <technic install>tekkitmainconfigmachinemusenumina.cfg change 
    B:"Ignore speed boosts for field of view"=true to
    B:"Ignore speed boosts for field of view"=false WARNING: it's a bit broken, and just wearing power armour leggings with speed boost on will severely change your FOV (probably the reason it was disabled)
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    Gorian reacted to Dark_Arcana in The New Technic Platform and Launcher   
    Someone REALLY doesn't like change. Or grammar. Since when are people running off in droves to join the FTB fan club? FTB has literally nothing on Technic. They have some (poorly made) modpacks and a .. second rate launcher in comparison. They do not have Solder. And they don't have any of the other amazing technology that the Technic team has in store. The mods and modpacks that are a part of this community != the sum total of Technic and its future. Technic is a platform, a launcher; a system designed to bring amazing things to the public in a unique and interesting way that makes it much easier for the people behind the scenes and the end users. If you don't like the modpacks that they put together, seriously, get over it and make your own exactly how you want it to be! That is the power that they give you, and for free. In summation, Technic isn't going to "Fall" as you say. They aren't making a grand display as a last move to save themselves from collapse. They are making progress and forging a new way into the future with even more cool things. If you don't have anything constructive to say, sometimes it's best not to say anything.
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    Gorian reacted to Skuli in Tekkit 1.2.8d is now the recommended build.   
    This is a simple bugfix for Project Red's Java 1.7 requirement that has been causing many of you issues.
    The only updated mods are Project Red, to
    You can obtain the new server zip here.   For server owners, you simply need to copy over the following jar files (and delete the older versions): projectredbase-1.6.4- projectredcompat-1.6.4- projectredintegration-1.6.4- projectredlighting-1.6.4- projectredmechanical-beta-1.6.4- projectredworld-1.6.4-
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    Gorian reacted to Skuli in Tekkit 1.2.8c BETA update going live.   
    A beta for Tekkit 1.2.8c will be live shortly.
    Server is available here.
    This includes the following updated mods:
    Atomic Science
    Big Reactors 0.3.0A
    Dimensional Doors 2.2.2RC1-311
    Project Red
    OpenMods Lib 0.3
    OpenPeripherals 0.3.2
    OpenPeripheralAddons 0.1.2
    Minefactory Reloaded 2.7.6
    Some of the bugs fixed include (but are NOT LIMITED TO):
    Fixes for Galacticraft RF energy bugs
    Fixes for non-placeable thermometers
    Fixes for MFR fluid interactions
    /help and other command errors
    Crashes with Extra Utilities item transfer nodes and forge multipart microblocks
    Big Reactors has had a LARGE update for this build, including turbines and TE-compatible steam output.
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    Gorian got a reaction from Sir_Obama in Error downloading from the Technic application (ModPacks)   
    Well, the point is accurate enough anyway
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    Gorian reacted to Montego_Cardoso in What's your liquid storage solution?   
    So I was standing in my front yard, looking at a huge oil geyser, and thinking, "I should collect that, but where can I put it?" We have great storage systems for items, like iron chests, deep storage units, even entire ME networks, but what about liquids? It would take hundreds of glass tanks to store the thousands of buckets of oil I was standing on.

    Dear forums, how do you store your mass amounts of liquids in Tekkit? I'll tell you my idea, you can tell me yours.

    I first checked the forums for mentions of liquid storage. That's when I found Gildan27 mention the Liquid Manager.

    A block that holds 128 buckets? Great! But they are't designed to interconnect like tanks, each one will need liquiduct inputs and outputs, and redstone signal. And I want the systems to be efficient and expandable, to easily add more room when I need it. A layered approach should work!

    So, here's a small layer system.

    One redstone block (or rednet cable for multilayers), four liquiducts, and four liquid managers, for 512 bucket capacity per layer in 3x3 block space. Liquiduct and redstone lines accessible from the top or bottom. Can be stacked indefinitly.

    Also, medium sized layers.

    one signal block, eight liquiducts, eight liquid managers, 1024 buckets per layer in 5x5 block space.

    And, large layers.

    four signal blocks, twelve liquiducts, sixteen liquid managers, 2048 buckets per layer in 7x7 block space. runs the most managers on the fewest ducts.

    Bonus: the large layer has four independant liquid segments, for storing up to four different liquids.
    Bonus bonus: the space in the middle of a large layer can hold a small layer, for a fifth independant liquid, or a total 2560 buckets per layer.

    Since gravity has no effect, these layers can also be build on their sides and stacked horizontally.

    Now the question is whats the best way to hook up the ins and outs to the system...

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    Gorian reacted to roothorick in Are logistics pipes broken?   
    So here's a really crucial tip that I couldn't find on any wiki save for the official one, which is buried in the original minecraftforum thread and doesn't show up in search results or is linked from anywhere else making it rather hard to find.
    You need to make a "Logistics Power Junction", connect it to MJ, and connect it to your logistics pipes. Otherwise a whole lot of nothing happens.
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    Gorian reacted to Skuli in World Holes / Chunk Loading Errors   
    #The number of ticks to wait between attempting to unload orphaned chunks cleanuptime=1200   Set this to 0 in chickenchunks.cfg and see if that helps.
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