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  1. So about 97 blocks in the air I have constructed a 11 x 21 platform but for some reason I am unable to place any missile launchers on it. I spam the button walking around the place and sometimes they're placed at random. Cruise launchers dont have this problem. Also, before I made the walls and when it was 5x5 I could place the missile launchers down perfectly. Could anyone help me ?
  2. :p I know it isnt but I tried that and well nothing appears in the game.
  3. I downloaded flans mod into tekkit and followed all the instructions, but the content packs dont seem to work. When I try to get some gun and parts, the creative mod sections are empty. Could anyone help me?
  4. Could you show us an error report? That would help a lot
  5. Yeah and also use the run.bat if you can't see the server
  6. Have you tried resetting your router and modem? Ask him to do the same. That seemed to fix the problem for me. Also is he in your hamachi network and using the IP address it shows you? In some cases port forwarding fixes the issue.
  7. We need more details. Also your post doesn't look to good seeing as it has so many spelling errors. If you could give us the error log it would be helpful. Is it a crash or something else ?
  8. The block Id is 4095. Both of them are marked as this so change one of them.
  9. I see the problem. In the error report it states that the ic2 block scaffold and the immbis chunk loader have the same block Id. You may have to change one of them in the config or use Id resolver if it exists for tekkit classic. I have no idea why the conflict took place but it did
  10. Lol I hate those spamming free premium account for minecraft bots.
  11. It's a config error. Some other mods block Id is messing with modular forcefields. Try using id resolver or delete muffs or the mod causing the problem. Did you download any extra mods?
  12. Or it could be your world problem. Try deleting computercraft first from your server mods folder and see what happens because that may be the source of the problem.
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