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  1. Im on now and it is QUITE a server! everyone should check it out! recommended by me
  2. I got the EXACT same problem now! Im on windows 7 yet I cant launch my tekkit as it just comes up with the exact same updating bar and the link isn't working perhaps they are working on bug issues etc to fix this kind of thing from happening :/
  3. same with me everytime I launch a mod pack eg.tekkit classic and it says updating minecraft.jar but then it just says stopped responding and crashes :L
  4. Launcher Version: 253 Operating System: Windows 7 Java Version: Antivirus Program: microsoft security essentials Description of Problem: when I launch any mudpack (eg.tekkit classic) it gets stuck on the searching for minecraft update load bit then says download failed I tried deleting my .technic and reinstalling it but it didn't work :L any help? Error Messages: Error downloading file for the following pack: (name of pack) Failed to download minecraft.jar Please consult the modpack author Error Log: technicluancher_2013_09-07
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