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  1. MC Account Name: CyanGalaxyHD How long have you been playing Minecraft? Three years How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? One and a half years What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) I have an adept level in regular Minecraft and a fair level in Voltz Why do you want to play on the server? I have played Voltz a lot but I felt alone, so I want to make some friends and build an awesome base. What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted? I would love to join and greet everyone, then I would start my own faction and start to work right away. I would build a nuclear bunker fitted with ICBM silos and possibly a particle accelerator later on. I would ally other groups. Well, I hope you do consider me because this would be such an awesome experience!
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