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  1. I think its a perfectly reasonable. I chose to interpret it as "what would you add to society" considering I agree with a majority of laws. I think people lack honor, and I would enforce it as it had been less than a century ago. It would be difficult, but slowly I would be able to bring it back as a standard. It wouldn't be asked for or offered, it would be given and expected.
  2. Forum name: Thug In-Game Name: Owusup Age: 19 Country: USA Have you ever been banned? why? No Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Yes What can you bring to the game? Mainly looking to do my thing. Once I get nice and settled I'll definitely contribute to the community via faction and the sort. In your opinion, what rule would you enforce in a real life city and why? Honor. There ain't none.
  3. Won't let me edit. Hey febo whats all that gold doin on your NWUs?
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