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  1. Please do not ban me for this post. I believe this is a Technic bug and not a mod pack bug. My mod pack starts and gets to the main menu but forge is not loading at all. There are no forge logs either. I am using Minecraft 1.14.2 and I have the universal jar of Forge 1.14.2-26.0.33 renamed as "modpack.jar" and placed in the bin folder as usual. I get three severe's and a warning in my technic log. I am assuming it is something to do with the warning which reads: File version.json not found in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming.technic\modpacks\one-forteen-pack\bin\modpack.jar However, version.json is present in the bin folder but it seems to be searching in modpack.jar for the version.json file. For past mod packs Technic has always generated this file for me, I am very confused. I have attatched my technic launcher log and the version.json file and a file containing my system information. techniclauncher_2019-06-18.log version.json DxDiag.txt
  2. If your going to be running a modded server you'll want a fair amount of ram. Enough to run the server smoothly with the amount of players and mods you want. I normally stick with 8GB on my modded servers, and I never have more than 10 people on at a time. Also having hardware with a decent to high end processor and or SSD does help a lot.
  3. You don't happen to have any client mods in your server mods folder do you? Such as optifine or liteloader.
  4. Don't h8 m8 appreci8! 

  5. Hey I know that Cauldron is discontinued. However loads of people still use it and there is still places you can download it from. I was just wondering if anyone knew where one might get a copy of cauldron that works with forge- as the the cauldron.jar I have doesn't support the later 1.7.10 forge versions. Thanks.
  6. The world of Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft. With a bunch of mods, awesome maps and killer stories, this pack is bound to get you hooked! With guns, cars, weapons and more, you've got to check this out! Grand Theft Auto V in Minecraft! A GTA V inspired modpack. I will try my best to maintain this pack with freqeunt updates. It is 100% working! With no download errors! And no crashes! Please give it a try and do remember to like it if you enjoy playing. Thanks. [Mod List] Flans, OptiFine, The Dirtbike Mod, Fastcraft, Damage Indicators, BiomesOPlenty, Carpenters, Chisel2, Custom NPCs, Dynamic Lights, MrCrayfishs Furniture Mod. Link to the pack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/gta-v-modpack-by-cpm9.639513
  7. Thanks Do you know of any hosting services I could use?
  8. Hey I've been looking for a good MC server hosting PC. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like it to be Windows 7 or 8 64bit OS and have at least 8Gb of ram and be at a reasonable price. Not more than $400. Possibly with an SSD or the ability to add one. I would be using it to host my custom Technic 1.7.10 modpack of 50 mods. Please respond. Thanks.
  9. Hello. I am interested in helping you out.
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