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  1. It may have something to do with the biome, there hasn't been any mod ore in my server world quarry digs (mostly grassy biome), but I just saw copper [Thermal Expansion] in a turtle dig* in a desert biome... I just restarted the server, but last time I did that it didn't make any difference... Update: as the quarry is approaching bedrock, I can see all the ores are back, except for silicone, but we don't always hit that. I'll build the next one on the grassy biome and see it it has the ore * (quarries are in the nether)
  2. The ME [Applied Enegistics] network I built is working great, I love it, but it seems it won't auto craft a Hardened Flux Capacitor, it says it's missing the Leadstone Flux Capacitor, even if there is one in the network. I've re-encoded the pattern but no change... is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong?
  3. I run a private Tekkit server a friend and I play on, and I've noticed a while back that most mod ore* have gone missing from the World. So all we have left is the Vanila ores and Quantum dust from qCraft Luckily we're well stocked up and there's still the Nether ores... Wondering if anyone has a clue about what happened and if this can be fixed. Thanks * (Aluminum, Copper, Ferrous, Lead, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Silicone, Silver, Tin, Uranium and Yellowrite from Atomic Science, BIg Reactors, Calcavia Core, Galacticraft Core, ProjectRed-Exploration, and Thermal Expansion)
  4. Sorry about posting in the wrong section Thanks for the answer and insult, just didn't dawn on me to try and press the next button as there was nothing there and I usually use the mouse wheel to scroll, although turns out that works to... Now I have to figure out how to delete this post...
  5. For anyone else having this issue, I solved it by deleting the jinput-dx8 64.dll file in the bin folder at %userprofile%AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\tekkitmain\bin\natives As the game launches delete it again as soon as it apears, I haven't had to do this again to launch the client on either of my machines
  6. Hi, I setup a Tekkit server to play with my daughter (couldn't find BusinessElite Server, which I used to play), I do miss a few things like the "C" shortcut to make a quick waypoint... but I'm getting used to it but a serious problem is with the item recipe search not working at all, all items hide when I type a few letters of a key word, browsing trough all the items is a pain... I've searched the web for an answer but can't find anything, I hope someone can help me with this also is there a way to update some of the mods? Thanks in advance for the help Regards JC
  7. Update... Not sure which of the things I did worked, but I got the server up and running again! woot! Only thing thing is the launcher says it can't connect - that it's doesn't have the mods required... the single player version also crashes now - seems I put down one too many solar panel... guess I shouldn't have updated the mod pack... Well one week of this crap is too much - it's time to move on to the next game...
  8. Hi, I have been running a Business Elite private server through Hamachi so my daughter and I could play in the same world, a while back I started getting a "Failed to bind port" error on restart of server after a crash, I re-installed Java and it solved the problem (the first time) but that didn't work again next time I wanted to start the server... So then I deleted all the server files and started over and that worked... but you can imagine how annoying so I did my best not to shut down the server. This problem seemed to disappear for a while, meaning things were normal, until yesterday, I got fed up with the sound, - it had been echoing something awful - so I decided to re-install my sound drivers which required restart. So sure enough afterwards the dreadful "Failed to bind port" was back, so I tried re-installing Java: no luck - so then as usual I deleted the server files and restarted the server - except now nothing happens, well a few files appear in the folder and that's it... Anyone know a cause/solution to this? I'm just about to wipe my drive and re-install my OS... I appreciate any help in this mater, thanks in advance - (btw: the sound is good now though, on single player)