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  1. So many issues, mainly with Tinkers' Construct. First is that all the higher tier tools are gone, even in the configs, they don't exist. Second is that anything I melt down in the Smeltery just vanishes, not just in the GUI but the drains also can't pull out the liquid that should be there. Third is that all the TiC villager's chests are completely empty, making it impossible to get the Full Guard pattern and free tool parts. Finally, for a Forestry issue, Extra bees seems to have been a little overzealous in spawning Marble Hives. I've found a very large number of Marble hives above ground, and they seem to be replacing all of the typical hives that should be found. I've only found one meadows hive, two Wintry hives, and i've yet to find any other hives above ground that aren't Marble Hives.

    EDIT: Because i forgot. On the "MINECRAFT" screen, there's no option to close the game.

  2. Sweet. I tried it out, and the launcher doesn't seem to care if a mod is missing. Though, now i'm having issues, and it seems to be a direct result of me removing a mod(any mod). When the game gets to the Minecraft screen, if i click "single player" the game closes. If i put the mod i deleted back, then it works perfectly again.

  3. I downloaded a modpack yesterday, but there are a few mods in the pack that i find... not to my tastes. I'm used to playing on the FTB launcher which has the ability to disable mods in a pack. Is there something similar on the Technic Launcher? If not, then can i delete a mod from the mods folder and the launcher still run it properly?

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