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  1. All TE stuff is limited by connection now, Kalbintion - you can get 6k in and 6k out of a redstone cell by having 3 connections to input and output faces on a single cell. (The easiest way to see this is to set up a few cells in creative all filled to max, have one feed another empty one by one conduit and a second one feeding by say, 5 all joining into 1, then splitting back to 5 to connect at the other end)


    I wasn't able to reproduce this. I used hardened conduits just to make sure that it wasn't the cell limit I was bumping into, but both resonant cells in the image charged at about the same rate (the one with only 1 connection actually got a few RF more) when I turned the lever on. 


    Nevermind. I can't read in the middle of the night at critically low coffee levels. <_<   Second picture works as described.






  2. Anyone know how the pool spawning works with regard to nearby players?  Is it normal spawn rules (suppressed within 24 blocks of a player), or "spawner" rules (ONLY when a player is within 24 blocks), or something different entirely?

  3. It might be worth mentioning: I don't know if it's a problem in 12a, but in the last recommended version, I tried using Rednet energy cables. It caused the server to crash whenever I went back to my base. I was also mixing them with Redstone conduits, though, so that may have been my issue, but it's got me wary of them now.

  4. So I'm trying to figure out how many solar panels one redstone conduit can handle, but I'm stuck.  I know  1 MJ = 10 RF, and 1 EU  = 4 RF, but I don't have a conversion for KW to any of the others.  I tried using real world conversions:


    1 kwh = 3.6 MJ

    1 h = 1000 ticks

    1 kwt = .0036 MJ = .036 RF/t


    That just doesn't seem like it can be right... So I'm guessing real-world math isn't coming into play. So does anyone have any idea what the game is actually doing with these values?

  5. Compression dynamo uses the lxp type. I use it and it lasts forever.


    I've started playing with this recently, and yes, it does. One bucket of LXP is worth *pinkie* 1 MILLION DOLLARS RF


    I've revamped my old blaze autospawner-farm powerplant design to use compression dynamos instead of reactant - Adding a unifier to turn some of the LXP back into mob essence for the autospawner is more than worth the simplicity of not having to pulverize blaze rods and make sure there are two components being fed. Now it works with about any mob.


    I am pleased.

  6. In light of an exploit I'm seeing around our server lately involving ender pearls and (rowan) doors (details elided), is anyone aware of a plugin or other way to disable the "teleport" feature of ender pearls without banning the item completely (which would pretty much shoot all of TE to hell).

  7. Why is that?


    Fluiduct "output" mode is for devices/blocks that don't "push" the fluids out of their own accord (openblocks tanks, unifiers, etc.).  The Tesseract provides the motion for liquids passing through it, so it just needs the plain connector.


    Ran into the same problem myself last night.

  8. If the leaves attach or the wood attaches to nearby blocks, the harvester will assume its a part of the same tree and continue chopping it down. This was done to catch logs/leaves on the edges of its range without leaving this odd looking square hole that could eventually be filled on the edges with leaves/logs.


    I came across that on the server I'm a moderator on. Had a player shrieking like a banshee that he'd been griefed, because the giant redstone tree that he'd carved his base out of was gone, but everything inside was fine. Took a while of experimenting and checking around to see what happened, until we found a pile of redwood in his harvester chest.  Turned out that one of the oak saplings in his tree farm had grown into one of a mega-oak, touched his house, and the industrious little harvester tore the walls off the whole thing until it ran out of energy!


    Moral of the story: Put your tree farms far away from your tree house!

  9. Is there any way to stop gravestones from spawning skeletons? It's been a big problem on the server I'm on, where someone will "claim" in the nether so players can't break blocks (including their own graves) -- bad enough, but worse is when those graves start spewing out skeletons, which kill the players going back after their graves, which make more graves to spew more skeletons.. you can see where I'm going with this.  Big pieces of the nether keep turning into powerpoint.


    I looked in openblocks.cfg and openmods.cfg, but didn't see anything that looked like it could control this. Did I miss something, or is it some kind of cross-mod setting or something?

  10. i prefer the advanced solar panel. no disturbing sounds of cutting trees or mobgrinder (mob essence -> energy) or somethign else. just a green solid power source :D


    Unless you're on a server. Witchery is the ultimate troll mod, and there's always that one guy who is making sure it's raining constantly. :P

  11. I significantly increased my production when I discovered that children.. uh.. "output" as much emerald as their adult counterparts, though.


    Is that so? That should speed up my farm drastically then! No waiting 20 minutes for them to grow up!


    Update: Sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case anymore. :(  My test (on 1.0.9c) had them "producing" 0.03 emeralds. It would take 10 children to equal one melted peasant.


    This is a disappointing setback. I'll have to investigate mating rates to see if I can still convince it to come out ahead...

  12. Rename the banned players player dat file in the world to someone whos active, so when they log-in theyll get their inventory. See what items are in it and report back here. Theres a few that come to mind that could potentially allow them but I'd rather not list them.


    Unfortunately, I don't have access to it. I'm just part of the "research squad". I'll pass it on though, and hope he didn't clear it out while he was taunting the mod. :P

  13. We've run into a problem, that apparently lockette can be bypassed. It's not the old "minecart hopper" trick, since we've got screenies of the guy opening the chests. He's been banned, but we're not sure if it's a lockette problem or some item in ABT that needs to be disabled. Anyone have a line on it?

  14. And even if they agree, it depends on them getting permission to add it. The author had some pretty solid limits on what modpacks were allowed to include Thaum3, so if those are still in place, that's probably going to hurt the chance of it being added.


    Of course, you can always add it to your own installation/server, you just have to do it manually. (Though for this particular mod, I agree with bwillb - taint is just too damn annoying to deal with)

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