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  1. No offense, but yes, that was sorta psycho :)

    get some minions out, have them dig some iron and diamonds out, and make some iron or diamond armor... there's no possible reason you should have to wear wooden armor for more than one night :P


    It occured to me that one of the mods might have made it so that witches spawn in a whole biome like that. Glad to see I was right, even if it does mean a dozen round trips to a new base to move my stuff (I miss the cheap backpacks from Hexxit).


    I've managed to get myself tricked out in iron armor and I'm rocking the steel broadsword now, but I have no idea what you're talking about. Minions?  I really need a wiki. <_<

  2. Since I don't think there's an AotBT Wiki yet, could someone kindly point out to me WHY, OH WHY, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT'S HOLY, am I running into a half dozen witches every night? Dear gods, I'm still wearing wooden armor, and with the 1.6 hunger nerf, that poison is just brutal.



    Was it really, really stupid to set up my base camp on the outskirts of a Magic Forest?

  3. I don't know any specifics about Asgard Shield (and personally, I'd probably be willing to give it up if it meant a 1.6.x or 1.7.x release of Hexxit XD) but as to Thaumcraft, it seems to be a popular add-on, but odds are slim that it will ever become an "official" part of the modpack.

    Thus Sprach Azanor (creator of Thaumcraft):

    All mod packs I want to include Thaumcraft already have my permission. Only people I am personally acquainted with have any chance of me giving permission for their mod pack.

  4. I think you're misquoting me. Minecraft's own support site basically blames anyone but themselves. Like I said, I don't know who it is.

    It wasn't a misquote, it was right from your post. :) But I was providing additional information: Since it happens when I'm NOT using any Technic pack (i.e., with completely different launchers) it's safe to remove that from the list of possible causes.

  5. I've cleared three or four labyrinths out and I'm starting to get a bit irked, honestly. Every single time, the "secret vault" treasure rooms are pre-bombed out long before I even reach them (I say "long" because even the blocks that are normally left over from a blast have since despawned) , so I've never even gotten the chance to try to figure out the trick to get in. And I *really* want me a Mazebreaker

    Anyone have any idea what's causing this? Is it just horrible worldgen luck?

  6. I've been getting the same problem. Some people blame Mojang, others Technic. I don't know which one it is but both are blaming the other.

    You can rest assured that it's not Technic. I've tested it with friends' 1.5.2 vanilla servers AND another friend's FTB server, and all three have the exact same issue. Scuttlebutt says that it has something to do with a change to login sessions for 1.7.x on mojang's end, but Mojang has not, AFAIK, officially acknowledged the problem.

  7. Title: Breaking slabs drops wrong variety

    Version: 1_0_4

    OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1

    Java Version: 1.7.0

    Description of Problem:

    When breaking slabs made from most of the new tree types, the slab dropped is of the wrong type (either Amaranth or Eucalyptus).

    Drops As Eucalyptus Slab 2512:

    * Redwood (Giant) slab 2512:3

    * Maple slab - 2512:6

    * Silverbell slab 2512:7

    * Sakura slab 2512:1

    * Unnamed (Hopseed) Slab 2512:5

    * Unnamed (Bloodwood) Slab 2512:4

    * Ghostwood Slab 2512:2

    Drops as Amaranth Slab 2513:

    * Willow Slab 2513:2

    * Fusewood Slab 2513:4

    * Tigerwood Slab 2513:1

    * Darkwood Slab 2513:3

    It appears that breaking these slabs isn't keeping the type data, and defaulting to the &quot;plain&quot; option

    Error Messages:


    PLEASE NOTE: Hexxit version is 1.0.10 which is not in the dropdown below.

    Error Log:


  8. Forgive my squirrely ignorance, but I'm getting stuck at the gate. I'm trying to make an add-on mod for Hexxit (specifically Project Zulu to start with) and I've been using the MinecraftForge tutorials to some success to date (nothing worth releasing, though). Unfortunately, at this point, I'm getting jammed up since the link to "Decompile the mod" instructions are, of course, missing. A nudge in the right direction should be all I need.

    Update: So I've found BON, but when I try to use it to decompile the mods as zip/jar, I get a file (when I think I should be getting a directory), and when I decompress the zip/jar ahead of time and try to deob an individual class directly, I'm not getting source code.

    Update 2: Derp... My insufficiently decaffeinated brain was combining "decompiling" and deobfuscating. Unsurprisingly, the latter doesn't work well without doing the former first.

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