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  1. Any chance one of those worlds will be a hardcore survival world without banned items due to grief concerns? Have been looking for a long time for a pure survival experience playing Tekkit Lite and I can only find servers that have several items banned because they can bypass claims... I understand getting rid of Mystcraft and nukes because they simply can destroy the server's performance a great deal but would love to play again in a hardcore server where the only thing players can't do is duping or hacking.

    Let me know if your plans match in any way with this and if they do I would be more than happy to give you a hand.

  2. Hey DMan! 

    Been desperately trying to find a good hardcore Lite server - one focused on old-school Survival play - where the only rules are no hacking and no duping and let the players do what they want... Any chance this server will be something like that or is it gonna be focused on building and protecting those builds (ending up banning a huge amount of items)?

    If you're going for the purest survival gameplay option you can count on my help. I have Skype, experience and a good team spirit.

    Looking forward to your answer and good luck with it! 

  3. Just a warning, if you value your stuff on this server, don't go two weeks without logging on. lol

    I was out of town for about a week and a half, when i got back my faction was disbanded and my /f home had been raided (though surprisingly not nuked). Lost around 95 uranium, a bit over 100 diamonds, 1500ish redstone, 6 or so emeralds and quite a bit of metals. Sucks, but all that's left to do now is pack up the rest and move it again.

    R_o_n, if you would allow me I will give you some points that worked amazingly well for me, although I am not aware if you did the same or just got unlucky.. Anyway I meant to write this for a while specially to help new players who might feel a bit overwhelmed:

    - Never build close spawn. A distance of at least 10000 blocks in any direction is recommended.

    - Never build on surface and use covers over your solars, if you use them.

    - Never claim the land where you build. Two of the best factions I've raided I would have never noticed them if I hadn't been flying over them and seen the Faction name appear in chat. Besides Tekkit Lite provides tools to bypass faction protection (mining laser, turtles and Quarries)

    - Never mine directly from your base. An enemy base might be nearby and they find your tunnels and just as easily they will find your base.

    - Never have a Nether portal next to your base. Mine is 1000 blocks away right on the surface. Many people have gone through it and nuked and mined around it and never found my base.

    - Never touch anything on the surface of your base. Leave absolutely no clues that there is a base nearby. Remember that there are players (like me) that just fly around in Power Armors with Mining Lasers and turtles looking for any signs of life.

    - Constantly check for Trackers. Become paranoid - no matter how much you trust someone, check and check again. We all get along with each other and have fun together but this server is highly competitive and most players join up to enjoy free raiding and extreme pvp.

    - Constantly save a good percentage of your resources in a claimed chunk (not in your base) inside personal safes. This is to avoid other players from claiming that chunk and block your access to your stuff.

    By following these points my base remains standing after 1 month and a half with only blocks of dirt hiding it from raiders! Fully equipped with ME, High Solar Arrays and plenty of farms.

    On another note, I'm happy you decided to stay. You're a cool guy and would be a shame if you would quit. Let me know if you need sponsoring to rebuild. No strings attached!

  4. No, That should be fine.

    To be honest we have no idea why there are no nether spawns :/

    According to the all the related configs they should be spawning.

    That's a shame - no help in forums?

    On another note - I have several times advised IStealBudder to stop flying too fast and crashing server. This time it cost me - 3 full 4K disks were deleted after the server recovered. Lost all my storage. Budder just didn't care even after everyone was telling him to stop... Can we have some Admin interference?

    Other than these two issues the server is awsome. Keep it up please!

  5. The server keeps kicking me out a bunch of times. When I got back to the menu, there's usually 0-4 players on who I assume are admins. When I try to connect, it boots me with the message "Failed to Login:Bad Login". It's not Mojang; other servers work fine for me. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

    It is Mojang - just check Minecraft Forums. Only servers that are 100% not affected by this are 1.7.2. Anyway - it seems to be fixed.

  6. Login has a few problems.

    This is a Mojang issue... Can't enter no matter what. Hope they fix it soon..

    this server sucks the an admin tp to me and stole all my stuff really no control

    Yeah - this doesn't happen here for sure. When there's duping or X-Ray I'm sure stuff gets deleted, but in that case I would consider myself lucky for not being banned.

  7. Katuner - it is allowed to bypass faction protection using legitimate tekkit lite tools. There are ways to prevent this such as reinforced walls with personal safe layer and a lava layer to avoid a quarry from mining the whole thing. I realize that a beautiful house will never be possible but this is how the server works...

    It has worked for me - 3 weeks and counting of not being raided and killed, not even once. If you want, I can write a post full of advice for you and your friends but what mpfthprblmtq did was legit.


  8. I am pretty sure that's what they use so this would be why there down :/ come back cataclysm :( i miss you.

    Yes please!

    Maybe give a 15-30 minute pvp-immunity the first time someone joins the server, that way they have some time to get away from spawn.

    This is actually better than my idea. Anyway, this was only to prevent bad feelings from players who don't even get to try the server properly - although I think they are actually missing out on actually making out of spawn nice and safe without any kind of protection. Man, I made it out with people being killed, climbing up a nuke hole during night time with mobs all over. WHAT A START.

  9. Ok, after witnessing several new players being spawn killed constantly I do have a suggestion for the server admins - to only allow spawn killing of members of a faction - as spawn killing is an essential part of the factions plugin (players are to locate the faction home, control it and spawn kill the enemy so that their power drops and land can be claimed. I would then suggest to consider creating a new rule to forbid non faction members from being spawn killed as there is no valid reason for it and it protects new players from finding the server unplayable. Or something along those lines that protects new players...

    Don't play on the Cataclysm Server. It's full of grief, terrible community and horrible spawn-killing jerks. Once you get into the game yo will be killed over and over again by people with giant lazer guns who don't want you to play the game. I was killed 104 times by the same guy at spawn until I finally stopped trying to play the server. Absolutely horrible, unable to play unless you get on when there's absolutely NOBODY online.

    On another note, TheZoroark, this is a VERY hardcore server where griefing and PVP are extremely common and for adrenaline junkies like myself - it's just perfect. The community is fairly new and everyone is still getting to know each other and bonding, so grief and unwanted deaths are to be expected and your main purpose in this server is to protect your stuff and survive at all costs. Yes, I would suggest for now to login when these assholes are offline (I also hate spawn killers).

    On yet another note, congratz to the server as I played in it today and we were one player short of a full house!

    (I can see the server is offline and hoping it is for maintenance so we can have all the cool stuff you have in the works!)

  10. Alright! Server is now extremely stable since Mystcraft was removed and it has been great to play in it!

    Any players that are looking for a Tekkit Lite server that REALLY provides as much of the mod as possible - without sacrificing server up time and lag issues - this server is for you. Like the Server Admins have said, it is hard and you do have to outsmart raiders constantly to avoid getting your stuff stolen - but having said that, I have been on the server for about 2 weeks and I haven't died or had my stuff stolen even once.

    I have had some close calls, but all you need to do is outsmart the more advanced players that have nukes and mining lasers, etc. I shut down machines and go invisible when there's signs of life close by. This kind of excitement is why I play Minecraft SMP. I have to constantly think of smart ways to hide, to camouflage my base, to look for signs of other players around, etc.

    And of course when you raid an enemy base and you know that it is allowed and protected by server rules - it feels great.

    They seem to have big plans for the future, like a multiple world spawn area with shops (if I'm not mistaken) where grief tools will be banned, but it will be possible to sell the materials for such tools - you just have to go to the main world to be able to craft them.

    I wish they do that soon as probably with currency implemented Votifier will be installed and I can't wait to start voting the server up to get some new players and factions.

    A big thank you to the Admins for their hard work and good calls that keep this server such a good experience. This is the kind of server that I would donate to, if the option was available.


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