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  1. Age:26

    Why you want to help out: I have logged over 2k hours on tekkit lite. That being sed I feel that I should probably not play by my self. I also would like direction so I can structure my play.

    And If someone is hacking what would you do?

    That is a loaded question, it really depends on what they are doing. so the best way it to first assess the situation then make an informed choice.

  2. Name: Erola

    Minecraft Username: Errola


    Your long term minecraft project: Enjoy the game and play with the mods to make fun projects

    Why you want to play on this server: It looks like a nice from the description. That and I have logged over 2k hours on tekkit lite on single player... I think I should play with others. I know all of these mods like the back of my hand, and can help people understand the mods.

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