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  1. I do not know if I am posting this in the right section or not but hopefully an admin out there will sort me out. My known name on technic is Silverwolf77. I am the creator of the Modpack "You're Not Alone". Here is my story and why I need help. I made my Modpack March 27th 2013 and I have been managing this adventure based Modpack for a while. In June 2013 my computer's motherboard fried. In July 2013 I was approached by a man who own a chain of modded Minecraft servers known as Minemod. He asked if he could support my Modpack and crated a server for it. I approved and he went on to create the server. In October 2013 Minemod was Ddos'd and forced to close down. The creator of Monemod recommended to me that I try to move onto a new provider known as Ohgaming. He put me in touch with the owner Wesley Oaks, I give him the benefit of the doubt and agree to allow him to host my Modpack (this was early November 2013). Now my Modpack was not the only one given to Wes for him to host. He also gained Magicians cookbook. After a few days Wesley got to work on Magicians cookbook. I slowly allowed him access to my Modpack, giving him permission to log into the technicpack account and updating the download files. A few days later, Wes still hasn't given me any updates on my Modpack (please note I still lack a computer so I had to become completely reliant on Wes. I waited and when he finally got back to me he gave me ideas about the server but meanwhile the Modpack was still having issues on single player. That's when I was approached by a new group of server host. They saw I had issues and offered to update my Modpack for me and make a server for me. I declined at first but I eventually gave in seeing how they seemed more reliable than Ohgaming. Wes was working on the Magicians cookbook server when it suddenly vanished from the front page. At this point I tell Wes from Ohgaming that I am going to try to work on my Modpack alone (to avoid any controversy between him and the future), and his reaction is to ask why and I explain, then he offers to buy the Modpack from me, I deny it because of the fact that I love working on the Modpack. At this point Wes ask me where my Modpack was on the technic site anyway, saying he doesn't know where it is and he figured I just hide it. I use my phone to log in and find my Modpack completely deleted. I am in shock and awe and I just ask Wes why but he denies anything to do with it but Modpack don't delete themselves. An hour or so later. This pops up: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ohgaming-youre-not-alone.215336 Not only does he steal my Modpack but I then in the discussion notice someone tried to impersonate me. But I caught the impersonator and put a stop to that, at least that's some sort of small victory for me I guess. I don't want to act immature and like a little brat, I just want what is right to be right and what is wrong to be wrong.

    Now here is what I want help in,

    1. Is there a way my deleted Modpack can be put back up or is it gone for good? I know he had access to the account and all and I am to blame for this all happening but if there is some way, if any admin or anyone help me, please I worked hard for that Modpack and for it all to be deleted in the span of a day seems completely... crazy.

    2. Even if I can't get my Modpack I just ask, please... Don't fall for it people, he stole my Modpack and is now trying to claim it as his own... At least acknowledge this fraud that is happening it is unfair that my hard work was just removed in less than a second.

    Other evidence:





    Thank you for your time, and once again sorry if I did things wrong in this post I never used this forum.

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