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  1. Hi guys, I seem to be having some problems with MPS and I was wondering if anyone could help me out: I've just started working on a powersuit in 1.6.4, and I'm noticing some changes from the one I had in 1.5.2. Specifically, the legs jump/sprint assist. In 1.5.2, I was able to turn jump and sprint assist all the way up and get some high, fast, far Hulk-esque sprint jumps (a good 30 block distance). In 1.6.4, my character jumps straight up even when sprinting and won't even clear 3 blocks. I've tried to cut weight down but nothing is really working. What can I do, if anything, to increase jump distance?
  2. So yeah, I can play fine for 20-30 minutes with no problem. After that, the game gets laggy and unplayable, eventually to the point where the Minecraft window stops responding. This is weird, because I've never had any sort of problem like this with any Technic pack on my PC. (I'm usually able to play on extreme render distance with Optifine on other mod packs, I can only play on normal on AotBT). Is there any sort of fix? Anyone else have this problem?
  3. I'm stuck waiting for the modpack to download and I'm curious to know from anyone who's actually got it so I know what version of a texture pack to download.
  4. -Go to space -Explore dimensional doors (beware traps EVERYWHERE) -Explore Bibliocraft Ages -Set up Fission and Fusion nuclear generators -Create a particle accelerator -Set up an ME-network -Set up an ore processing system -BUILD A POWERSUIT (should be one of your top priorities)
  5. Kind of a late post, but the only way I know of to potentially fix a broken Tekkit (or any Minecraft) save, is this method below: Download MCedit, move your world from .technic to something more accessible, like "documents". Open your world in MCedit and click "Chunk control" then "Repair Chunks", then Ctrl+S to save. Wait till that's done, then check and see if your world works. If not, the corrupt thing is possibly an entity. In that case, go back to MCedit, press Ctrl+A to select the contents of the entire world, and delete all entities (Remember to save again, and don't worry, the world will repopulate with entities when you play it). If neither of those work, I really have no further advice. Good luck!
  6. Philosopher's stone is content of the mod, it just wasn't fully implemented in the version of EE that's included in Galactic Tekkit. (Which is more along the lines of a proof-of-concept of EE3 rather than an actual release). I prefer philosopher's stones for various reasons, mainly because they last longer and that's one less thing to worry about in the ever-expanding to do list that is Tekkit.
  7. As far as I can tell (and this is only speculation since I've just now checked out the mod page) it just adds the most desired/most useful things from EE2 to Tekkit Galactic. Which sounds great because, let's be honest, EE3 is a bit of a bust at the moment. Unless you want to transmute red flowers into pipe waterproof, it's not overly useful. I'll definitely (like now, right this moment) download it and play around with it a bit. I'll let you know how it goes. (Got the mod working. If you choose to install it use 1.1.9, not the newest (1.1.10). It won't even recognize the existence of 1.1.10 as a mod.) As for how it works.. It does what it does, the bare minimum that it can. It only recognizes vanilla items, for one. And the EV are a bit off. Emerald is worth twice as much as a diamond? I don't remember that being a feature of EE2. The mod would be great if someone made it fully compatible with tekkit, but I don't see that happening. Also I just realized that the emerald being worth so much can very easily be abused. For example: I found a villager who wanted 17 raw chickens for one emerald. I transmuted 1 diamond into 2 stacks of chicken and traded it to the villager for 7 emerald. I made a profit of 13 diamonds.
  8. Don't mean to double-post but the problem has been resolved. Just so people don't make the same mistake I made: In the nether a quarry won't work if it can see that there's bedrock above it. There has to be a layer of anything other than air between the bedrock and the quarry for it to work. Once I realized that, I filled in the top with a layer of netherrack and it works fine now. I feel really dumb for not realizing this before. Thanks everyone for your help.
  9. There are a few recipes in Tekkit that just don't work, items that can't be made. For one, the Philosopher's stone. For these items I just throw away the crafting materials and cheat them in using NEI. I see it as fair, since I had the materials, the recipe just doesn't work.
  10. I'm not entirely sure what's going on anymore. I've moved the quarry 4 blocks down (In case you guys can't see, bedrock is right above the torch) and still nothing. It just kind of sits there, not moving. It's getting enough power to be operating at full speed, but it's acting like there's nothing below it to mine. I'm on a single player server so there's no issue with permissions. Did they just make it so quarries don't work in the nether anymore or have I done something horribly wrong? Does anyone have a solution for me, please? UPDATE AGAIN: This is really odd: I smacked the quarry with a buildcraft wrench as a last-resort. It seemed to be working, until I realized it was mining a 2x8 stretch. Doesn't even make sense, as the quarry's minimum size is 9x9.
  11. I didn't remove the bedrock. It's still there, just difficult to see. I merely built the quarry as high as I could while still keeping it within the boundaries of the top bedrock (I wanted it higher so it would mine everything from ceiling to bottom bedrock). It's not on level with the top of the world, it's one block below. Your solution of lowering it may work. It would make sense, because (I'm guessing) the quarry stops mining when it detects that it's hit bedrock. Since its top is touching bedrock, it might be registering it the same as it does bottom bedrock. I'll update when I have a bit of time to play again and can re set it up. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  12. If compatible with tekkit (I don't know if it is or not) you could try installing TooMuchTNT. There are a few TNT in there that do things like flatten large tracts of land, mine for you, create lava, multiplies blocks, spawns mobs, etc. etc. It would accomplish what you want for sure, if it's compatible.
  13. In spite of being horrible at chemistry (and I mean really, really horrible) I think this would be a mod that some people would enjoy. It might be just a little too complicated for some, but isn't there always a mod or two in a pack that people choose to not participate in?
  14. I had the same problem on my just recently started server. I mined on levels 8 and 10 which apparently have the "highest concentration" and it still took a few hours. I had to go into MC-edit and turn on view-ores-only mode just to confirm that there were even diamonds in the world. Main point: It's just bad luck. If you've played tekkit classic recently, you may be expecting diamonds to be more plentiful because diamonds in tekkit classic came very, very easily.
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