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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Livid_Honoka in Tekkit Classic Skin will not change - Help Please   
    Mojang has an official message regarding skins no longer working in minecraft pre-1.3, and that anything pre 1.7.9 can take some time to actually update.
    You can read more about this here https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/979200-minecraft-skins
    Please note that there is a method to make a skin work locally only (multiplayer servers will not see the skin change, and may affect all players to show in the skin) in this old of version, but give me a moment to compile a list of steps and ill edit this post.
    Edit: Updated the above line for some clarification
    Edit 2: Here's that list of instructions,
    Rename skin file to char.png (if it isn't in a .png format, open it into an image editor and save-as to a png) Visit the following directory: .technicmodpackstekkitbin Open the minecraft.jar into an archive application (WinRAR, 7Zip, IZArc) Navigate to mob folder there Drop in the renamed char.png file for the skin, overwriting. The change should now be affected in-game (please note: 1.8 skin files may not appear correctly due to the additional information in them, if this is the case, please see this image: '> and read about the skin template changes and such on the wiki page for minecraft: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Skin and edit the image to be on the older style, this should just mean resizing the height down to the older size as the skin files width hasnt changed)
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Zombie_Steve999 in Cannot allocate more ram to Minecraft   
    May not be public to view, but still downloadable
    One execution of it ran Java 7u21 - which is outdated - suffered from the mentioned _JAVA_OPTIONS issue
    [B#439] 2014/09/05 19:27:59 [INFO] 2014-09-05 19:27:59 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Java is Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.7.0_21, running on Windows 7:amd64:6.1, installed at C:Program FilesJavajre7 Another one ran Java 8u20, which has a known issue with it and is what you're hitting with Java 8u20.
    The issue, related to _JAVA_OPTIONS, thats overwriting the ram assigned via launcher - which btw is recognizing that you have that amount of RAM. And to fix this:
    Click start
    Enter "environment"
    Click "edit environment variables for your account"
    Remove "_JAVA_OPTIONS" from top and bottom lists. A reboot may be necessary.
    Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size That, as you mentioned in your first post is a direct result of the -Xmx512M issue btw. -Xms being greater than -Xmx causes this error to be thrown, because you cannot start with 2G of ram but limit max RAM to 1G, for example (and hopefully obviously apparent)
    Edit: Typos...
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from CharZinta in Ultra Modded Survival: Put your crashes and issues HERE   
    Since Amaxter didn't provide instructions on getting the logs, here's my standard copy/paste messages on getting crash logs, launcher logs, and where to post them (Spilling them in your post is messy and not encouraged!)
    Getting Crash Logs
    * Run Technic Launcher
    * Select modpack
    * Click on the Cog icon located on the bottom left of the modpack logo
    * Click on "Open Folder"
    * Open "crash-reports" folder
    * Provide relevant log files


    Getting Launcher Logs
    * Run Technic Lauzncher
    * Click on the Cog icon located on the top right of the launcher
    * Click on the "Logs" button
    * Provide relevant log files


    Pasting Logs
    Use one of the following methods to show us your log files:
    * Attach file to posting
    * Use http://pastebin.com and paste the resulting URL in your post
    * Use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the resulting URL in your post

    For overly sized files, attaching or using the above URLs may not work, you can use one of the following for these types of cases
    * http://mediafire.com
    * http://dropbox.com
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from GenPage in What's the difference between Reset Modpack and Delete Pack in the launcher?   
    That link leads to the Spoutcraft Launcher, which while the Technic Launcher uses it, it isn't up to date by any means for what the technic launcher actually uses its base code for. The particular reset button code is on this page for the technic launcher. And is disabled for local modpacks. The code then looks to see if a version file exists for the modpack, and if one does, deletes it. Which when the launcher is ran with the modpack again, causes it to be redownloaded/reextracted from scratch due to the way the launcher code works, which begins here that leads into this which calls the InstallThread class that calls start() which is a part of the Java Thread class which calls the run() method of the InstallThread class that ends up calling the ModpackInstaller class if the pack isn't local only. From there it checks to see if it needs to update by calling the getInstalledVersion() method that ultimately looks for the version file that was previously mentioned that would be in the modpacks bin folder. If it exists, it loads that particular build, if it doesn't, it downloads the selected build.
    Edit: Figured I'd go a bit further with this since a lot was left out. The getInstalledVersion() if it cannot find the version file, ends up calling to make sure it can make a connection through the pingHttpURL method (It doesn't appear to do anything with the return values in this particular case, if it makes a connection or not, it proceeds to start the download system afterwards) and after that calls the sendTracking() method which apparently sends some info to Google analytics - Please note that this previous chain only happens if the pack version installed for some reason does not match the selected one which brings up the "Would you like to update" message - After all that, this chain then falls back to the installPack method of the ModpackInstaller class and checks to see if it should update due to the fact that the installedVersion info is empty - ie: this is what is actually going to trigger when the version file is deleted - which creates a new version.json file if necessary (deletes existing one if present) which adds the task of adding the "not installed" modpack (remember: we're talking about the reset button, meaning it existed at one point) to the download tasks by creating a new InstallModpackTask class which is the one responsible for deleting the mods folder, the coremods folder, and Flan folder, afterwards goes through each mod for the pack by getting the returned mod list from here which is set by the constructor that is obtained from the InstallModpackTask constructor - this ends up calling EnsureFileTask that runs its runTask() method which checks to see if the zipExtractLocation (packOutput from the installed directory) is set, and if so, to unzip it by adding a new UnzipFileTask with its own runTask() method that calls the ZipUtils class that uses this method that chains into this one with a null ExtractRules that verifies the zip exists, the output location exists, which then loops through the zipped file unzipping its contents into the appropriate locations, assuming the zip entry isnt a directory which calls the unzipEntry() method that creates a new BufferedOutputStream and FileOutputStream - and since it isnt setup to ignore existing files, nor append to existing files, will overwrite them if they exist. All of this boils down to: If it exists in the zips it downloads, it will overwrite the files with the modpack being reset this way in any and all locations it didnt already delete them from the prior deletions of those three folders.
    Now, with this all said, there have been a few cases where resetting fails to work for one reason or another, and this may be due to the fact of the way the FileOutputStream class is setup. Security software getting a hold of the file, and locking it, the classes setup for checking privs finds it may be available at one instance in time, but since it was now opened, the security softwares real-time scanners or other scanners open the file immediately after it checks for write permission (and succeeds) which locks the file down as a precaution to allowing malware, etc, from happening until it scans the file (which in turn sometimes ends up never being freed, that eventually ends up throwing those "cannot open user mapped section" type errors)
    Edit 2: I am by no means an expert at the launcher code, but having spent the past hour and a half or so tracking all of this down from the "Reset Pack" buttons code gave me a pretty good idea of whats going on. If for some reason someone a lot more familiar with the code notices a mistake in this post since I am going off of the master branch (which may not be the current stable launcher build), let me know.
    Edit 3: My apologies, missed the point for the Delete Pack button comparison, which starts here - the getSelector() contains a reference to the ModpackSelector class which contains the referenced removePack() method. From there, it gets the InstalledPack info from the selection, gets the installed directory and if it exists, deletes it by calling FileUtils deleteDirectory method, which recursively goes through the directory deleting file by file, directory by directory, until nothing is left to delete.
    After this, it gets the assets directory for the pack, and deletes it* as well using the same method as above before removing the pack from the list and moving the selector to another pack (by going up one in the chain)
    So to compare in a less technical way the two methods:
    Reset Pack
    Deletes mods folder Deletes coremods folder Deletes Flan folder Re-acquires files if necessary, if the cached version isnt valid/missing Unzips all files into appropriate location, overwriting anything that already exists Delete Pack
    Deletes the entire modpack folder Deletes the modpacks assets (for clarity, this location is by default .technicassetspacksmodpack)* * It does not appear to delete the background image, logo and icon of the modpack. Not sure if these assets folders are used for anything else, or if the master branch on the github has more updated code than the current stable launcher version where the assets folder may not have been deleted to begin with until those changes were added and may be present in a beta build of the launcher.
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Frank350 in Is there any ways to host solder API for free or really cheep?   
    While I do not generally recommend hosts, x10hosting is who I go through, they do offer a free database for free accounts and can be used to host solder.
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    Kalbintion reacted to Munaus in Attack of the B-team doesn't launch   
    java.util.ConcurrentModificationException http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/concurrentmodificationexception-in-java-18020.89
    searching that line on the Tracker will yield many results, I've responded to a ridiculous amount of those.
    Also, read the pinned thread next time.
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    Kalbintion reacted to Munaus in HELP   
    by all means, don't give us any kind of information whatsoever.
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    Kalbintion reacted to Zlepper in Modpack Helper | Pack modpacks | Check permissions | Upload to web | Update Solder Automatically   
    A little background story first:
    I have been hosting packs and servers for the last few years. A few years ago Technic added support for allowing us to host custom modpacks. This was  awesome and I went ahead almost the moment it happened. This was still the time of big and heavy zip files.
    Then came along Solder. Solder helped us destributing files one at a time.
    It took me almost a year to get it working from when I started attempting to use it. I did however get it working, back in June I think it was.
    All was well, though I quite quickly discovered that packing files for Solder was quite the hasle.
    So being the enormous lazy guy I am I sat down one Tuesday and made a script that could pack all the files for me.
    Nice i thought, the only problem was that I had to enter modname, modversion and minecraft version for each and every mod... And having a 150 files modpack that certainly wasn't boring
    So I had what the h**k and turned it into an actual program, that could figure out most of the important stuff like name, version and mcversion.
    Since then I added quite a few extra things I thought was necesarry, like only packing updated mods, checking permissions, including forge and configs.
    So enough with the story:
    Solder Helper
    The result of all this is something I thought others could make use of, so that's why I decided to share it with you guys here, since i'm likely not the only one who has been pretty bored with updating.
    Core features:
    Create packs for either Solder or just normal zip packs. Create FTB Packs and get permission lists Include any forge version you wishes, just choose from the application. Include configs Check permissions if you wishes so (Highly encouraged) Both private and public. Get permission list in a nice text format Get a list nice and simple list of all packed mods Runs on both Linux and Windows Get modlist Include unarchieved mods Include stuff like the script folder from Minetweaker Automatically upload Solder Files to an FTP host Automatically update your modpacks on your solder install Automatically upload Solder Files to Amazon S3 services With all the improvement it's shouldn't take more than a minute to pack all your files for distribution.
    The program is OpenSource and can be found on github.
    For Windows the installer can be found here. This installer also included an autoupdater for when I add additional features.
    This uses about 10 MB of space total.
    For Linux just do the following and you can find the program in your home directory:
    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zlepper/TechnicSolderHelper/master/TechnicSolderHelper/install.sh | bash It can be done from from anywhere, though you have to use the terminal, then the installer script takes care of the rest.
    WARNING: It will use quite a lot extra space, since it requires mono to be installed, about 250 MB. However the installation of mono is included in the script.
    To run the program just navigate into the install directory and look for the file called "Run SolderHelper.sh"
    To update it just run the "update.sh" file.
    Planned features:
    Support for FTB packs Added Support for AT Launcher packs Autoupload to FTP servers Added Autoupdate of the actual Technic Solder installs, so you don't have to enter versions each time. Added Creation of a modlist you can paste in places like Technic ads Added Creation of a complete permissionlist. Added (Would be nice if we could format things in the pack configs, but that's for another time) Bugs
    I expect a few bugs here and there. If you happen to stumble into any the program will create a crash report on your desktop. If you could report the issue on github and include the crashlog, and what you were doing I would be very grateful, and will try to fix issues ASAP.
    There shouldn't be any dangerous bugs, but incase anything goes wrong I'm not responsible for it.
    If you decide to use the mysql function of the program, be warned: You have to open a port to your MySQL server, which is a major security risk.
    It is recommended you create an ssh tunnel to connect to the remote server:
    ssh -L 3306:hostname:3306 [email protected] The syntax is
    ssh -L <localport>:hostname:<remoteport> <username>@<servername> The you can point Modpack Helper to localhost and everything should work securely.
    If you have a question to ask, just write in this thread, or find me on the Technic Discord Server.
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    Kalbintion reacted to plowmanplow in server of fury i would like more help   
    I have not "made it that complicated". That is a comprehensive explanation of the procedures involved in making a server. If you do not understand parts of the process there are many resources (myself included) which are available to guide you through. As my brother says to my nephews all the time, "can't" is a four letter word just like all the other ones you aren't allowed to say.
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Mooseman9 in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    You obviously missed the fact i liked the previous post and that entire post of mine was sarcasm. Good job, "kid"
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from TurtleChop in Most common issues and fixes! And known problems   
    @arriej - Just an update on the StructureStart issue, it was supposedly resolved in 1.0.12a, which has shown true to a lot of people, however there has been quite a few cases where the update actually started the issue out of the blue for them or didnt fully resolve it. Make an amendment to the instructions indicating the following information (this should be before the original region replace method):
    Update to 1.0.12a if not done so already
    If done, and issue persists,
    Shut off server/game
    go to the world save folder
    Go into the data folder
    Delete BOPVillage.dat and villages.dat
    If issue still persists, then they should fall into the other two methods. And feel free to re-do the wording a bit.
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    Kalbintion reacted to Valkon in Attack of the B-Team is offensive to people with weaker computers   
    I doubt you'd need to spend $10,000 on a computer to run any Minecraft modpack.
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    Kalbintion reacted to Neowulf in Idea: A way to have unlimited modpacks through Pastebin   
    It was a design choice by the admins, though I can't remember the full reason. I do remember that it was specifically to prevent people from creating an unlimited number of packs.
    Thing is, if you need more than 3 packs then you're:
    A, not putting enough effort into the packs.
    B, rebranding other people's work and calling it your own.
    Or C, an idiot for not setting up solder and making things easier for you and your users.
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from ThePagan in Idea: A way to have unlimited modpacks through Pastebin   
    This can also be done using the TechnicSolder... since the Solder allows to have a single modpack with multiple versions available, each version could theoretically contain an entirely different modpack.
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    Kalbintion reacted to BrowserXL in German Language Attack of the B-Team Tutorials   
    Hello everybody,
    yesterday I have started my own Youtube channel with tutorials for "Attack of the B-Team". The tutorials are in german language and are intended for the german native speakers here,  which have a hard time coping with english.
    In the german language area its is lacking some tutorials to cover the various mods and I hope to close some of that gap with these tutorials.
    So check out my Youtube Channel, or get in touch via Twitter.
    See you around
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from disconsented in Idea: A way to have unlimited modpacks through Pastebin   
    This can also be done using the TechnicSolder... since the Solder allows to have a single modpack with multiple versions available, each version could theoretically contain an entirely different modpack.
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Skelray in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    You obviously missed the fact i liked the previous post and that entire post of mine was sarcasm. Good job, "kid"
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Nitus in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    You obviously missed the fact i liked the previous post and that entire post of mine was sarcasm. Good job, "kid"
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    Kalbintion reacted to disconsented in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    Stop Fear-mongering
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    Kalbintion reacted to Munaus in Most common issues and fixes! And known problems   
    I prefer the Game of thrones method. Putting heads on spikes might deter future lawbreakers
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Nitus in Kalbintion: Gaming Playthroughs & Tutorials   
    I appreciate the feedback Nitus, I do wish to make note of the Watch Dogs series of mine. The audio quality is terrible, and I have since deleted the raw footage (it would have taken up about 600GB on its own in raw form and I needed to clear up space for other series) so I cannot do any audio editing to those. I recorded those videos prior to a change in my audio setup and the game audio sounds echoey (which it is considering how it was setup at the time)
    I reviewed the audio quality over the rogue legacy game, and I understand your points on it. My goal with game audio was to be a bit softer than my voice volume. It appears I was a bit off on what the levels should be and I even notice that up to episode 5. Episode 4 of it seems to have it a bit more balanced, but Ep5 seems to have went the opposite way (not sure why that was since there was nothing changed between ep4 and ep5).
    As for me not talking sometimes, I do hate having nothing but talky based videos. Sometimes it is enjoyable just to see the game itself with little commentary. There may be a few that prefer this type of style, but it is what I do. I play games for the game, not for myself to be dominating it. If I have a story to tell that follows suit with the game, I have no problem with that, however I do not want to tell a story that has no meaning with the game. I do not wish to tell a story of my own in Rogue Legacy for example, that has nothing to do with knights, mages, castles, etc as in my opinion it detracts from the point of the game.
    I do agree that one needs to talk with ones audience, make a more personal connection with them, and it is one of my downsides. I am not one to talk about myself. I forget what episode of my minecraft lp it is, but i go over what my goals were for YouTube were overall. It is to better myself in a social aspect and meet new people, with the hopes of also making money off of it in the longer run.
    Edit: I wish to add a bit more to this post. Until recently, my upload speeds would prevent me from uploading videos on a timely and predictable manner, one of the things I feel is a professional thing for YouTube to do, to have a schedule of some sort. My upload speeds were horrendous, and it would take me 7 to 8 hours to upload one video. This left me very little time to actually worry about getting the balances correct and the like and the quality suffered for it since I was worried about maintaining a video a day at the minimum. I have since obtained better internet speeds overall (7/5 from 1.5/0.8 down/up respectively) so I am able to focus a bit more on the pre-rendering phase. I do listen to my recordings before rendering but not everything is caught as I have plenty of things that distract me irl (housework, etc) that leaves me with forgetting where I left off with a video. I am not trying to make excuses for poor quality, but rather explain why some of the videos have poorer quality than others.
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    Kalbintion reacted to FyberOptic in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    From the game developer's point of view, using Lua is smart.  It abstracts the game in a way that they have full control over what functionality they choose to expose, they can easily release more functionality into the API as time goes on, and mods are sandboxed and can be limited to any degree, which both reduces the possibility of malware and instability to virtually nonexistent.  
    From the modder's point of view, though, this is like wanting to write a book, but most of it is already written by someone else, and you're given a template from where you can only add or change certain words and paragraphs.  For some people that might be fine.  But other people want to be able to add or change entire chapters because they have a different story to tell.  The template is only a hindrance for them, possibly enough so to not even bother, or to at least end up with something far less good than they planned.
    I personally feel that going from modding Minecraft down to its core to being restricted into a scripting language is just not an acceptable alternative.  Lua is good for a lot of things, with ComputerCraft being a perfect example of it being used to its potential.  But using it as a game's sole API is just not very enticing for an existing Minecraft modder in my opinion.  That's why TUG gets marked off of my list immediately.  Minetest still has potential because it's open-source and the API can at least be expanded by others, or mods could be written in native code, despite the cross-platform issues that introduces.  Meanwhile, Terasology is not only already in Java, but is designed to be modded fairly directly, the way we're already used to with Minecraft.  It even comes with the ASM library, which is the basis for low-level class transformation like the way coremods work in Forge.  Whoever the dev is seems to know what modders are looking for.
    But I still end up coming short of promoting any of these as alternatives due to the performance, unfortunately.  But I have a feeling there's other clones out there that I just haven't heard of.
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    Kalbintion got a reaction from planetguy in Minecraft sold to Microsoft.   
    Here's my thoughts on this entire thing summed up into three tweets:

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    Kalbintion reacted to Munaus in the modpack wont load   
    people who ignore the pinned threads feels like a slap in the face for those of us who made them.
    I slap back, a little harder

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    Kalbintion got a reaction from Thanatospnk in Spell Craft   
    What Munaus said, no logs, no modpack api url, no help can be provided without a myriad of guessing.
    Getting Crash Logs
    * Run Technic Launcher
    * Select modpack
    * Click on the Cog icon located on the bottom left of the modpack logo
    * Click on "Open Folder"
    * Open "crash-reports" folder
    * Provide relevant log files


    Getting Launcher Logs
    * Run Technic Launcher
    * Click on the Cog icon located on the top right of the launcher
    * Click on the "Logs" button
    * Provide relevant log files


    Pasting Logs
    Use one of the following methods to show us your log files:
    * Attach file to posting
    * Use http://pastebin.com and paste the resulting URL in your post
    * Use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the resulting URL in your post

    For overly sized files, attaching or using the above URLs may not work, you can use one of the following for these types of cases
    * http://mediafire.com
    * http://dropbox.com