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  1. The Server was updated to 1.7.10!!! Way more content even a dinosaur boss and dimension! Come check it out at ChaosCrafts.com! We even have a brand new Magic/tech pack called Zanarkand
  2. Thanks for the love people! We have been going through a lot lately! I am confident this is one of the biggest modpacks with the least restrictions on earth! That being said there are a lot of things to work out. Most are problems that have never been seen before, we are working hard to work things out and keep the server free for any one to do what the love with out pay to play or win!
  3. Thanks Glen!! We are trying hard! We have a few new mob arenas now and are working on other mini games too!
  4. Yurassic Park A custom modpack and server. Platform page and website below! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/yurassic-park.598689 ChaosCrafts.com Server IP: Included with modpack download!!! OR: No Items banned! Only some restricted to Mining/PVP worlds! Even non-donators can get Mystcraft worlds and chunkload/Quarry!!!! Rules: 6HAVE FUN! OR ELSE! 99% of rules are common sense, see /rules in game or http://ChaosCrafts.com/rules for full list About us: We are a Dinos+Tech modpack/server. I got tired of playing Tech servers that banned all the fun items, so I decided to make one that allows anyone to use all of the great things about mods on multiplayer. Even portals, chunkloaders, and quarries. All with out donating. I added in the Dino theme to play with my wife who loves dinosaurs and Jurassic park (yes a family oriented server, all ages welcome). So if you like any Tekkit or FTB mods or just dinosaurs this is the place for you. The server is online 24/7 and hosted in California USA by a paid host. Currently over 95% uptime! Serveral Admins restart the server if it crashes from around the world. And we have automated 6 hour restarts just in case something goes wrong and no one sees it! We are looking for people only interesting in playing the game, and having fun, not griefers or trolls. Any one from any where is welcome, we are an international community with players from all over the world who speak many languages. We also have many families/friends that play together. We have no whitelist and any one can join and do the majority of the things you would like to on the server. Joining you will have the Park-Visitor Rank. You can read about ranks here: http://ChaosCrafts.com/ranks Joining the Enjin site will give you Park-Member automatically if you link your minecraft character, with this rank you can chunkload, offline quarry, and much more. After 20 days as a member you can get access to private Myst, (many public myst worlds are avaliable for gathering pages/crystals for portals) once you are a Park-Veteran you can attain 1 Private myst world a month (we would like to limit the amount of myst to assure everyone can use them. Gallery
  5. Age: 23 IGN (In Game Name) Sirus628 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? Trying to find a tekkit server to call home What Do you want to Build? Everything.
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