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    tunnelrat reacted to deaddelgado in My own take on a 'Hexxit 2'   
    Yeah Extra Utilities is more or less in here imo for that reason alone. A simple mostly vanilla auto sorting system that extends more than what Translocator can do. A little automation never hurt no storage room! As for staying close to the original that's what we're aiming for. So let me ask you this: Do you feel Railcraft fits in Hexxit? To me I don't think so. I thought it would be cool to have trains and useful minecrafts but..after many tests done with this, we've just never used railcraft. Never.
    Glad you read the changelogs, it mean a lot to us to have a supporter like you!
    As for help, honestly just keep playing! Report any bugs to us here or over on our blog. We're always looking for bugs so we can either fix them or warn others about them. We don't have a wiki or open server just yet. Everything is mostly private until we can really set everything up. I'm always excited to post more information about this as we get closer and closer to finishing!
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    tunnelrat reacted to LightningZBolt in My own take on a 'Hexxit 2'   
    Thanks for all your feedback on the pack, it's all very much appreciated and helpful!
    I'm kinda bummed about the loss of Battlegear, mostly as it added stuff that no other mods I can find seem to, but oh well.
    Also, don't forget about JABBA Barrels and Storage Drawers for extra Storage! Bibliocraft shelves and armor stands and etc are also very helpful for storage, and display of all your stuff as well! I purposely didn't add iron Chests in here because it wasn't in the original, and because Better Storage is in here, and not many packs seem to ever have it, so I didn't want it to get ignored, and I just think the look and feel of Better Storage fits with Hexxit a lot more. There's also the Knapsack and Backpacks, you can store a lot in them and carry them on you!
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    tunnelrat got a reaction from LightningZBolt in My own take on a 'Hexxit 2'   
    Awesome!  I will check that stuff out!  Forgot all about Extra Utilities. 
    As far as all those vying for the official Hexxit title, to me it should really go to a mod staying close to the original... nothing wrong with some of these other mods in the least, but if they are a massive departure from the original, then they should probably come up with a new name hahahaha... to me, this is really capturing the essence of Hexxit!
    I do read the changelogs, I just forgot that M&B and battlegear 2 were the same mod... also didn't actually know that the weapons tab was from that mod... live and learn, not like losing a few items is a big deal in Hexxit haha!
    If I can help with anything, testing, wiki stuff, etc... let me know!
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    tunnelrat reacted to deaddelgado in My own take on a 'Hexxit 2'   
    1. Chunk loaders are turned off by default to prevent misuse of them. Only witchery and maybe botania have things that act like chunk loaders. Aside from that you would need cheat mode or creative and use railcraft chunk loaders.

    2. Better Storage + extra utilities (with some sorting upgrades/pipes) = no more worries after dungeon diving or blood moon surviving!

    3. I prefer to get Tinkers Construct done super early game. It's the only mod I focus on before I even made a house (shack it up!)

    4. I've noticed Pam's blocks/machines eat up the server and tend to crash if left on for a long period of time. So I just break my presser when I'm not using it. After a while I flat out stopped using it. I feel bad about that too...(I'm alerigic to milk. Soy is a good alteritive.)

    5. I got lost in your questions but I'll mention Battle Gear should've been announced here as most changes should. Considering, most people don't check the official changelogs...plus it would be easier to have it here. Battlegear was removed due to it being so buggy in our experience. It was more trouble to keep it than just remove it and try something else. We currently don't have a replacement but I also personally don't miss it. (Just my two cents.)

    Oh! Portals? Hmm we just use our minimaps. Other than Random Things: Magnetic Force. Helps a lot. I swore there was..a block or item you could use to teleport? Only other things I can think of are magical mods like Blood Magic and Witchery. I'm almost positive Thaumcraft has something for that?

    Hopefully I've answered a few of your questions. I know Lightning hasent been active here but she's stilll working on everything! I've been recording some videos of the modpack itself (not a lets play) however YouTube tends to cut off chunks of my videos so it's a lot more trouble than id like. I'd love to document this with more than just text on our blog or a wiki but I guess it just takes time. Would be better to document once the pack is more stable/finished. I know it's a goal for her to make her Hexxit official but it looks like others are wanting the same for themselves. All we can do is wait and see. Not like development will stop even if she doesn't get to take over the official hexxit!
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    tunnelrat got a reaction from meytro in My own take on a 'Hexxit 2'   
    Working on updating my server to 3.0.19... been playing for a week or so, and I still haven't even scratched the surface on what all is available... just WOW ...   sincerely, I'm all like to play this!  (I'm just now starting to get an idea of how much work you have/are continuing to put into this as well, hat's off to you!)
    Just wanted to give a little feedback/kind of discuss my observations in the pack thus far, ask a couple of questions, and share a crash report. 
    - I was kind of turned  off by the not losing inventory on death thing... until I experienced some rogue-likes and "lived" through a couple blood moons.  Wowsas.  Changed my stance hahaha.
    - I am running Dynmap 2.1 and it appears to be working fine so far (overworld, nether, TF rendered so far)
    -  The Nether seems a bit tame in comparison to the rest of the pack... back when Hexxit 3.0.0c was in beta (I guess that whole thing got canceled?) it had Lycanites Mobs in it... the nether was over-the-top bonkers ridiculous... but that could have been my config, etc... I dunno.  Compared to even the Overworld (in some places) and especially with the 1 in 5 chance that any given night will be a blood moon, it seems like the Nether is where you go for a breather now hahaha... this isn't necessarily a bad thing at all... the group on my server migrated to the Twilight Forest this time around...  mainly because we've been playing MC on and off for 4 years now and we were standing around going "What the heck are we gonna do that we haven't done before?" and someone brought up TF and away we went.  So as we're building away there, Hexxit starts coming back to me, and I remember that mobs don't spawn here.  At first I started rethinking the idea to build in TF... then I considered the fact that I could either spend 12 hours building fortifications that would withstand the bloodmoon creeper/explosive-arrow-packin skeleton jihad (more on that below) OR I could just start digging in and figuring out what the heck all of these mods I have never seen before did.  So, I guess if someone had never built a Hexxit-base in the nether (I haven't yet, just some odd buildings) then something like Lycanite's would make that prospect more than just a "casual base-build" exercise hahaha,,,,
    -  Bloodmoon: So, I kind of touched on the bloodmoon thing above... we had this massive ADHD debacle where we were all like "Hey, let's find a place to live!" when in reality we were running around looting the surrounding landscape with the abandon of drunken Vikings...  So, lo and behold soon everyone is waddling around stuffed to the gills with super important early game stuff like blocks of jasper and division sigils... I guess it's kind of like how raccoons will grab something shiny then never let go... anyway, now the need to find a place is overwhelming so I say screw it and just run off looking for a pre-made structure so we can get started with the mods as quickly as possible...  I take a bed, haul north, find a little cottage thing and bind it up.  I head west, Mr. Blood Moon Rising... (Doors reference anyone? No?  It's cool.)  now, I'd been through like 1 blood moon before... but it was out on a dock, and I had help hahahaha... so this time, I'm like a half click west of where I bound, out in the open.  Awesome.  Stuff starts gettin wacko... (dat light level tho) and BOOM, TWO SCOOPS OF RAISINS!  hell in unleashed upon me from above.  I'm wearing like some ratchet mismatch of busted cardboard and cactus stuff... top of the line, you know, maybe a chain helmet with 18 durability left.  I am quickly overwhelmed... and I am old-school MC alpha good at fighting stuff... hahaha... this approximately battalion-sized force of skeleton whatever/resident evil zombie horde/effing chuck norris telewarp creepers is just taking my lunch money.  All of a sudden, I'm holding a cookie instead of the actually semi decent blade I had previously chosen as my activate item.  Now it's what appears to be a chocolate chip cookie.  That blade?  Oh, that's gone.  Inventory is permanent gridlock.  If I stop to even move one thing and TRY to find the sword in the dark I am done anyway... so I just  tear out of there in a dead sprint east like a 4 year old girl... That's when another perception of mine was shattered in that if you move fast enough you can avoid a lot of spawns at night.  Hahahahahaha... yeah.  So naive.  Not on Crimson Death night, son.  So I run this gauntlet all the way back to the cottage I had previously claimed in the name of Spain, and slam the door behind me.  Whew.  I put a chest down, dump the non-essentials (read: like 80% of the junk I was carrying) have healed up... switched out some armor... I'm feeling pretty good about myself now, and maybe a little childish anger at the golden mongol horde of NO outside the door.  So, because I am so awesome and can't possibly need to stay indoors, ever, regardless of gear, I incredibly foolishly open the door.  I get 2  blocks and they are on me... it was such a goat rodeo I don't know for sure what all was there, but as I spun to face assailants, the colors at the top of the screen are flashing rare/ultra/infernal hahaha... apparently they'd sent their command staff to the front lines to engage... the next thing I know there is an explosion, I'm dead, I click respawn, and pop right back up! Now these cats is gonna PAY! I turn to rush into the fray... oh, HI GUYS! (APPARENTLY that explosion had blown off the front of the house, and now I am looking down into a crater that is absolutely boiling with an absurd amount of ill-will  marching toward me.  No problem, let's do this.  I start getting all Legolas on them... get like one arrow off, HIT! But what's this?  Oh, I'm not drawing a bow back anymore, I'm waving a cookie at these guys now climbing out of the crater like I have a special treat for them.  Awesome.  Rocket creeper comes zooming in and it's like the ending of a Loony Tunes episode... just fade to black... I awake to find myself all the way back to spawn.  I'd literally just had my butt kicked...back...to...spawn... Awesome.  So yeah, Bloodmoons are pretty epic in conjunction with the other mods you've woven together hahahaha!
    -  I did reduce meteor frequency 20 to 5, and now I am lowering it to 1.  It's just non-stop... I mean, I have a maxxed out shield so it's going to pick up almost every one of them when I am the only one logged in, but for the damage it does to the landscape otherwise when exploring vs. the overall usefulness of the resources they drop (after early-game anyway) I lowered it accordingly.  I definitely love that mod though.
    - After doing a couple rogue-likes I reduced "mystery arrow" in LegendGear BattleGear (edit: got this wrong before, and doesn't matter now, anyway!) 2 from 10% to 1% chance.  It was just non-stop... every skeleton has a 10% chance, default, to have some kind of advanced butt-kickery, we were getting disarmed multiple times every single fight... then having to kill everything, then say "who has my mannyullyn blah blah" and everyone digging through their stuff and playing swap meet I just said okay I'm gonna dial that back a notch.  I bumped flame arrows from 10% to 20% to compensate.
    - I've been all over the place in the overworld, and I still haven't seen a Pech from Thaumcraft.  I went in and changed I:magical_forest_biome_weight=5 to 20... will test and see.
    -  Morphs seem kind of OP out of the box, so I set  I:canSleepMorphed=0 and I:loseMorphsOnDeath=1  also considering maybe making flight tougher to get next server re-start.
    I did have a couple of questions for you as well...(and anyone else who is playing this pack!)
    1.  Are there any chunk-loaders in any of these mods, that you know of?  I've tried searching the NEI for all of the ones I know, but no joy.
    2.  Any portal/stargate style teleport options available?  Any player-teleportation at all for that matter?  (There was a stargate mod in alpha that used nether portal frames and then signs with specific syntax to create portal networks... it was AWESOME.)
    3.  Storage and organization: This is always my Waterloo with Hexxit... going out exploring is awesome... coming back and sorting through 10 large backpacks of loot and putting it all where it needs to go makes my brain cry.  This time around, I've seriously taken to making this like 256 crate loot-deathstar right under the floor of our starter base...  I just dump everything in there that I am not currently working on/isn't some essential resource that needs to go into a chest.  Everything else is fair game, so everyone started pillaging it and then dumping their own stuff into it so now it's like this sick game-within-a-game where there is this chest with 30,000 items in it and each time you open it it's something new... I come by these zombies... just paging through this crate over and over... hahahahahaha... SO... what do you do storage wise? I use reinforced chests/lockers and crates (starting to mess with barrels), but after getting used to some of the stuff you can do in Tekkit... it's tough going back hahahaha... There isn't any magic-power based storage/organization system out there is there? 
    4.  I'm still so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content right now that I am sure I am about as inefficient as it gets... any advice?  Any go-to items from a mod that I should look in to?  I'm pretty familiar with all the mods that were in the last official Hexxit release as well as some from the 3.0 beta... but I am just now getting useful stuff out of Thaumcraft, and in the early stages of Botania... LOVING the Thaumcraft golems... 
    The only definite/repeatable client crashing bug I have encountered (and again, this was in 3.0.17, so it may be moot at this point, but due to the sheer scale of the pack I wanted to share it just in case - mods installed are Hexxit Revisited + OptiFine 1.7.10 HD B5 + FastCraft 1.19)
    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I feel sad now Time: 3/1/15 1:19 PM Description: Ticking entity java.lang.ClassCastException: twilightforest.entity.EntitySeekerArrow cannot be cast to net.minecraft.entity.EntityCreature at net.daveyx0.primitivemobs.entity.monster.EntityBrainSlime.func_70097_a(EntityBrainSlime.java:162) at net.minecraft.entity.projectile.EntityArrow.func_70071_h_(SourceFile:270) at twilightforest.entity.EntitySeekerArrow.func_70071_h_(EntitySeekerArrow.java:143) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72866_a(World.java:2070) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72870_g(World.java:2034) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72939_s(World.java:1887) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71407_l(Minecraft.java:1994) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:961) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:887) at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:148) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:135) at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:28) A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Head -- Stacktrace: at net.daveyx0.primitivemobs.entity.monster.EntityBrainSlime.func_70097_a(EntityBrainSlime.java:162) at net.minecraft.entity.projectile.EntityArrow.func_70071_h_(SourceFile:270) at twilightforest.entity.EntitySeekerArrow.func_70071_h_(EntitySeekerArrow.java:143) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72866_a(World.java:2070) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72870_g(World.java:2034) -- Entity being ticked -- Details: Entity Type: TwilightForest.tfSeekerArrow (twilightforest.entity.EntitySeekerArrow) Entity ID: 6345312 Entity Name: entity.TwilightForest.tfSeekerArrow.name Entity's Exact location: -53.25, 69.89, 459.20 Entity's Block location: World: (-54,69,459), Chunk: (at 10,4,11 in -4,28; contains blocks -64,0,448 to -49,255,463), Region: (-1,0; contains chunks -32,0 to -1,31, blocks -512,0,0 to -1,255,511) Entity's Momentum: 0.10, 0.06, 0.01 Stacktrace: at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72939_s(World.java:1887) <snip> EDIT: Working through getting 3.019 running on our server turned this up:
    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Surprise! Haha. Well, this is awkward. Time: 3/3/15 11:44 AM Description: Ticking block entity java.lang.ClassCastException: com.pam.harvestcraft.TileEntityPamPresser cannot be cast to com.pam.harvestcraft.TileEntityPamApiary at com.pam.harvestcraft.BlockPamApiary.func_149749_a(BlockPamApiary.java:45) at net.minecraft.world.chunk.Chunk.func_150807_a(Chunk.java:600) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_147465_d(World.java:451) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_147449_b(World.java:600) at com.pam.harvestcraft.BlockPamPresser.updateBlockState(BlockPamPresser.java:61) at com.pam.harvestcraft.TileEntityPamPresser.func_145845_h(TileEntityPamPresser.java:143) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72939_s(World.java:1939) at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_72939_s(WorldServer.java:489) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(MinecraftServer.java:636) at net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer.func_71190_q(DedicatedServer.java:334) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(MinecraftServer.java:547) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:427) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$2.run(MinecraftServer.java:685) A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Head -- Stacktrace: at com.pam.harvestcraft.BlockPamApiary.func_149749_a(BlockPamApiary.java:45) at net.minecraft.world.chunk.Chunk.func_150807_a(Chunk.java:600) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_147465_d(World.java:451) at net.minecraft.world.World.func_147449_b(World.java:600) at com.pam.harvestcraft.BlockPamPresser.updateBlockState(BlockPamPresser.java:61) at com.pam.harvestcraft.TileEntityPamPresser.func_145845_h(TileEntityPamPresser.java:143) -- Block entity being ticked -- Details: Name: PamPresser // com.pam.harvestcraft.TileEntityPamPresser Block type: ID #1623 (tile.presser // com.pam.harvestcraft.BlockPamPresser) Block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000 I see we've gone from 1.7.10f to 1.7.10g...  I'm going to revert that mod and go pick up our apiaries and see if doing that fixes it.
    EDIT AGAIN! (Hey, let's keep this wall of text going, right?!) - I tried rolling Harvestcraft (and associated config) back to 1.7.10f but it still threw that same error.  I decided to stop chemo and just amputate with MCEdit... So, while this is probably just some one-off problem only applicable to some weird circumstance, I did end up only having to remove one presser.
    Editcetera: I finally got everything all good to go, but I did notice that the removal of battlegear 2 = the loss of any items you had on the battlegear tab... SO! Just an FYI, if you haven't upgraded yet, take any weapons/shields you want to keep OFF of the M&B Battlegear tab FIRST!
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    tunnelrat reacted to LightningZBolt in My own take on a 'Hexxit 2'   
    I saw this as an appropriate place to share. I have not seen any 1.7.10 pack for Hexxit that follows the legacy in my eyes, I have not played a pack that felt like Hexxit since the original Hexxit. I was starting miss the feel of Hexxit, I wanted to see it in 1.7, but I couldn't honestly find a pack that felt right to me, and seeing how the Hexxit name was passed off to someone else, and seeing Hexxit 2 hands on, I felt that since no pack I have seen for Hexxit in 1.7.10 appealed to me, that I'd just make my own from my own strong love and passion for the original, from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to bring back as many mods as I could, it's just not Hexxit without them! Adding more mods that fit into the style, more dungeons, more mobs, more weapons, more pretty things! I felt rushes of nostalgia and excitement as I tested my pack, it felt so good to have that Hexxit feel again after so long. I spent most of time time configuring the dungeons and towers so they'd be as rewarding and fun to explore as I could make them! Hexxit is all about exploration after all! I wanted to stay authentic to the feel of the original, from the often silly chest loot you'd find, to simply how everything looked, it was truly an experience to me in the beginning, and I wanted others to feel the same way.
    To experience my Hexxit Revisit yourself, take a look here, or just look at some screenshots below.

    I want this to remain open, after all, Hexxit is most fun with friends! Feel free to share in whatever way you wish, I just want as many people as possible to experience the joy of Hexxit in a new form, in a new version! Share the fun, share the adventure, share the magic!
    As a note, if anyone has a crash report to share, please post it to Pastebin first and link it, or else it will be ignored.
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    tunnelrat reacted to CherryHotaling in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Hi there, I wasnt bumping, if you see I actually answered a couple of my questions and explained the fixes for them. The other two posts are unrelated those those posts. So I am not sure what I am bumping hun.
    Should I be posting these somewhere else?
    Ok hun will do! Thank you!
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    tunnelrat reacted to CherryHotaling in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Hopefully we can get Chocobos into the mod. Loved my chocobos!
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    tunnelrat reacted to Torezu in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Ars is 1.7.10 - but I'm guessing Iskandar doesn't want to make it an integral (and well-known) part of Hexxit unless it's going to carry into 1.8.  I personally wouldn't mind even slightly if it was included, as long as it was balanced, but the odds of someone asking for and being granted the source code to continue it, and then doing so, are not high.
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    tunnelrat reacted to Iskandar in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    It is easier to start fresh then try to figure out someone else's vision. and I have my own plans.
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    tunnelrat reacted to NikkeiZX in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    uhhh maybe you know this by now, but do realize that mods like Asguard and legend gear got excluded because they stopped being updated to newer MC versions....... in terms of Legendgear though, It's back as "Legend gear 2" (for 1.7.10) because the creator finally updated it. and to kinda make up for Asguard, there's Battle Gear 2, which let's you dual wield almost anything. In fact,  if i'm not mistaken, it's the only mod that does let you dual wield. and if you can get it to work with T-construct weapons, the possibilities are nearly endless.... I kinda feel you when it comes to Lycanites, but only because it's kinda buggy and the mods legit kinda creep me out.. and they're OP. But have you seen the weapons/spells you can cast in lycanites? They're pretty awesome ,atleast in my opinion... If I could just have the spells/weapons without the actual lycanites monsters, I'd be happy. So If I were you I wouldn't give up on hexxit so quickly. But that's just my opinion. 
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    tunnelrat reacted to a_s_newby in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Any news on an official recommended release date? Thanks!
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    tunnelrat reacted to Lycanite in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    I never realised Lycanites Mobs was in Hexxit 3! I'm the mod dev behind the mod. I'm always open for feedback and if there's anything I can do to improve things with Hexxit I'd be happy to do so (within reason lol).
    I understand that some people don't agree with the art style of the mod, however it's something a lot of people like too so I wont be changing that, however, the models do support resource packs I think so if anyone wanted to 'blockify' the models, in theory it could be made into a resource pack.
    Anyways as for difficulty, I've made the mod highly configurable so weakening the mobs should be quite easy, their spawning is also highly configurable. Some mobs like the elementals can be quite surprising but they do have their weaknesses, for instance the Geonach from ores are very weak to pickaxes.
    Anyways it's awesome to see my mod make it into Hexxit, though if it's removed I wont take offense to that too as the mod isn't subtle at all lol!
    My Twitter is the best place to contact me too: @Lycanite05
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    tunnelrat reacted to SeismicSauropod in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Update Lycanite's mobs. He's added quite a few new mobs since you last updated it, and he's some bugs (including that concapede spawning problem).
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    tunnelrat reacted to SaintWacko in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    For anyone having issues with too many Concapedes, my girlfriend was having the same issue and found a solution. Go into the Lycanite's Jungle Mobs config file, and turn on Natural Despawning for the Concapedes. As it is now, they will never despawn, so they just build up more and more.
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    tunnelrat reacted to theland10 in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    That's actually not a battletower, notice there aren't really chests laid out in the same pattern as there would be in a battletower. Anyway, the problem is with ruins mod. There are some templates that are old that need to be removed because they still use item IDs instead of item names so they don't parse correctly.
    As for the mobs no longer being peaceful, this is something new with project zulu. Most mobs that were peaceful before now have an aggro setting in configuration file. So they attack on site.
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    tunnelrat reacted to Minecrafter1234a in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Will more bows be added back in the pack now that it has been updated?
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    tunnelrat reacted to drkittyjones in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    How long before Battle Towers will have loot in their chests again?
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    tunnelrat reacted to BAILEY16 in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Chococraft was updated (new thread) three days ago. Just letting ye know
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    tunnelrat reacted to mr4ffe in Let's Test Hexxit for Minecraft 1.7.10!   
    Some people enjoy the difficulty of Hexxit, you can just change to normal or easy if you think shit's too hard.