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  1. The reverse engineering and finding bugs part is right.

    Also, we have a beta release now. It's a bit hacky to set up, since you can't really get into the launcher proper without logging in first.


    1. Download the launcher and run it
    2. Open %AppData% (you can just type this in the Start menu), go to .technic and open the settings.json file (Notepad works)
    3. Change the buildStream entry from "stable" to "beta"
    4. Restart the launcher
    5. You should now have the beta release, which allows you to login with Microsoft accounts

    Please post any feedback in this thread.

  2. An update:

    Mojang/Microsoft just changed their stance on third-party launchers. Previously, they said they were working on a solution to allow third-party launchers to authenticate with their new login system (Microsoft accounts), but now they have decided to drop any support for that entirely, and are instead relying on us to roll out our own support.




    Mojang Studios does not officially support community third-party launchers for either Mojang Account or Microsoft Account (MSA) based authentication.  There are members of the community who have built their own and individually registered applications that support MSA authentication. Build and use third-party launchers at your own risk.    



    With all this said, we already had a backup plan in mind, and we'll start working on that so everyone can use Technic once again, regardless of having a Microsoft account or not.

  3. 2 hours ago, SwaggyPotato909 said:

    Well, I mean, I just bought Minecraft, as meaning I have a Microsoft account for Minecraft: Java Edition, and I'm only trying to get my modpack running, and I find it quite frustrating. Nah, real frustrating. I do understand the concern of cracked people being able to use you're launcher, but to be honest, the migration is said to be in early 2021, so if you could only just let go of the Minecraft.net Login and use the Technic login for the meanwhile until the migration has begun, that would be really awesome. I am told I am not a man of the brightest ideas, so I would completely understand if you find this suggestion really crappy, but that's the best idea that popped in my head that no one else had.

    You are literally asking us to transform our legitimate launcher into an illegal, cracked launcher. You can probably see why we won't do that.

  4. As far as I know, Microsoft/Mojang are working on this.

    We're still waiting, but if nothing comes soon then we might have no option but to roll the reverse engineered stuff. We already have people who are unable to play Technic packs because new accounts are MS accounts, so I definitely understand and share your frustration with this.

  5. If you're trying to login on Technic Launcher, then you need to use your Mojang account credentials, just like you would use in the vanilla launcher or minecraft.net.

    Technic Platform is separate from the launcher (playing Minecraft vs publishing a modpack on Technic).

  6. The issue is exactly that you're trying to allocate more RAM than your computer has available (not total... available). Other stuff running in your computer also takes up RAM.

    There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue

    Lower the amount of allocated RAM to something like 6 GB (given this is quite a beefy modpack) and see if that works.

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