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    Pyker got a reaction from Monepoke33 in Issue Modpack location Github direct links   
    This issue has now been resolved, we changed the way we validate those URLs.
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    Pyker got a reaction from Refleks in Am i IP banned?   
    Thank you for your message. It seems your IP address was banned in our systems a while ago. This ban has been lifted, and everything should work properly now. My apologies for the incovenience.
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    Pyker reacted to KakerMix in The New Technic Platform and Launcher   
    We did the livestream and it was fun. Watch the recording here:

    Saturday March 29th @ 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Are you ready to see what is waiting for you with the new Technic? Are you pumped to see just how gosh-darn pretty it will all look? Then you should make some space on Saturday, March 29th where sct, CanVox and I we will be livestreaming the new Technic Platform, Launcher, designs and features for both, and general chit chattery. We'll be answering questions, swerving wildly off-topic and probably just being idiots.
    Topics to be Talked About:
    New Platform and how rad max it is!  Tired of upvotes being the only way to sort packs? Us too! New Launcher and how max rad it is!  Looks great, performs better. Platform integration means doing more within the launcher itself from the comfort of your desktop (Linux, Mac and PC's are all invited) How great both of them work together in wonderful ways!  I'd say 'synergize' but I'm pretty sure you have to be a giant company to use that word. Why sct constantly says things like "omg you guys elastic search" while he's all sweaty and breathing heavy!  This happens more often than you'd think! Where Technic could go in the future!  We want to move into new directions, new games. Making things easy for every gaming community to enjoy itself is a pretty rad goal we think. New art!!  It's so fresh and so clean, we'd like to have some posters and shirts someday! Real world costs and how we plan to pay for all of this!  We're down 3 kidneys and two mortgages!  
    Joking aside, costs for operating Technic have grown dramatically in the last year, and spiked hard when we launched Attack of the B-Team. Because the new Platform and Launcher include so many new features that are going to blow your minds, we've got some decisions to make on how to pay for all this. Right now we have a significant hosting bill across two services, we have three full-time people who "do" Technic exclusively, and we have a few other various people that do incredible work for the community. Like most websites Technic's lifeblood is ads on our site, but with the new features and services we're going to provide and costs being what they are *right now*, we have to do something else. Rather than curse  ourselves to sell out to a much larger company we are determined to do this ourselves. Since the new Launcher integrates with the new Platform in such a way to allow lots of things to be done within the Launcher (as opposed to having to go to the website) we're looking at having a single small ad (300x250) within the launcher itself. Nothing is set in stone and we certainly don't want to upset the community, but the reality is things cost money and they have to be paid for somehow. 
    We don't have a time set for when the stream ends, but typically when we hang out privately we do it for an hour or two, so plan on that if you'd like to stay for the whole thing.
    Any questions or concerns about anything I've said above or about the stream in general post em' here or tweet with the hashtag #newtechnic!  On the stream, we'll be answering questions posted to twitter and in the stream chat.
    See you guys at Saturday March 29th @ 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
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    Pyker reacted to sct in Is Attack of the B-Team Boring???   
    B-Team was designed to be a modpack for a YouTube series for GenerikB and BDoubleO. Each mod you see in the pack was handpicked by them. This pack isn't supposed to have some crazy tech tree or be challenging. That's what Tekkit is for. This pack is designed to just be ridiculous fun with a bunch of crazy mods. I think we hit the nail on the head with the crazy mods aspect.
    It's not the pack for everyone though and I do agree Sync is wonderful and could do wonders in a modpack like Tekkit (I will see if Skuli has any plans to include it!). Also, Tekkit 1.6.4 is in testing now and should be coming out pretty soon so I would look forward to that.