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  1. I'm not gonna lie. I was NOT impressed with this server.

    The spawn seems kind of dinky. When you first spawn your in front of a wall with a link to their site, which oh so conveniently has donations. When someone asked a question about donations, the admin who was on at the time quickly responded. However when I asked twice about a simple question regarding the server, I was just ignored, overlooked. While I very well may be wrong, at first glance it seems like this server is in it for the money and not the players. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and that's just what I was led to believe while on their server. I believe a server needs to have respect for the players and communicate effectively. Sure they are busy making spawn and adding stuff etc, but its not gonna kill ya to ask a simple question. If you just ignore everyone they will get the impression you don't care and just leave. While there a very few technic legends servers right now, if you want to stay on top you are gonna need to up your game in my opinion.

    Best of luck with your server, and I honestly do hope its able to improve!


  2. I am aware of the crashes and I do apologize for this issue, we did not have enough ram. I am in the process of transferring us to a server with more ram, the ip will stay soiherduleik2dig.com so make sure you are using that one and not our numerical ip(one with numbers) , I will update this as soon as it gets up and running on our new higher ram plan, and hopefully that should take care of the constant crashes.


    I have been busy with college and work and havent much time to look into this as I probably should have, and I really do apologize and hope you continue to enjoy it when its back.


    Please do let me know if you have any more questions or concerns, I am more than happy to provide an answer.


    You can always add me on skype for faster contact

    Skype: Crystacune



    We are now back in action,Server is back up on the ip listed in the post!

  3. I kind of picked a few of these plugins to use on my server and found one of them made worldedit unusable. Not sure which yet, but I'll post when I find out.


    Nvm, It seems it might be something else with my server.



    Although after removing all the ones I added from your zip it still doesnt work...weird. Maybe one of your fixed mods or something did it? I copied those over too.


    Also, so you wont be doing hexxit 2.0 or whatever the new one coming out is? :P

  4. a70787f3-78f5-4bf8-8714-21374d2bf968.png

    IP: soiherduleik2dig.com


    The current banned items are item router, explosives, and whatever else I found most servers banned, such as dimension doors. If im missing anything crucial that could potentially screw up the server please let me know as I am VERY inexperienced in big dig! :P


    This server just opened publicly a few days ago, and the spawn is not the best right now. I am mainly looking for some experienced players to get on and help by providing info.


    The server is sort of in beta phase I guess, not fully finished, but figured I would let some people on at first to see what items people abuse and if the server can handle the players etc.


    I know its currently not the best and will improve with due time.

  5. SMP to MP? Explain, to me, that means the exact same thing. qCraft doesnt offer inter-server capabilities if that's what you're getting at. And yes, tropicraft water will cause a crash if it was to be put into an OpenBlocks tank (fixing this issue is as easy as removing the block with MCEdit though)

    I mean singleplayer to multiplayer,



    And Im prb just gon ban that water thing.

  6. Oh boy. Well. I guess I can just wait and figure out by players complaining rofl, but like I know that some tropicraft water thing can make a corrupt chunk and crash the server,  Which ones are that serious and which ones are just claimbypasses and dupes, I can probably figure out the others along the way..


    I heard qcraft could be used to transfer items from SMP to MP, is that true?

  7. Solar_Society_FOBAa.png


    Solar Society hexxit server is  NO PVP and NO RAID(Against other players, dungeons are ok obviously, derp)

    On this server our Number one goal is to provide you the best hexxit experience possible, I am not running this server to profit, I am running it to give users who wish to play hexxit online and/or with friends the opportunity to do so.

    Suggestions are always welcome. We will take all ideas into great consideration!

    We also have donor ranks for those too lazy to go get stuff themselves willing to help out the server, but these are not mandatory and you are still able to get cool stuff without it, this is hexxit after all. :)

    If this isnt the server for you we completely understand and apologize that this isnt what you are looking for!

    I will admit we are still working on a new spawn, and because of that, a shop is not yet in place.


    Any questions? Post below or add me on skype: Crystacune , thanks!

    Thanks for checking us out, see you on the server!

    The Solar Society hexxit server has currently been up for 2 & 1/2months.


    Only mod removed is the dimensional doors mod for lag issues.


    Click below for banned items.

    Banned Items:


    (Crashes the server)

    Buster Bullet

    (Possible to grief others)

    Chest Transporter

    (Possible to grief spawn & others)

    Capsule Station

    (Explosions and stuff)

    Meteor Summoner

    (Can spawn in meteors, used to grief)

    Destruction Catalyst

    (Possible to grief others)

    Dimensional Doors

    (Lags the server)

    Bags (not backpacks)

    (Duplication of items)

    Emperors Chalice

    (Bypass protections)

    Bane of Pigs

    (Major hit damage glitch)

    Carmanite Reactor & Titan Band

    (Bypass Protections)

    Buster & Storm Shot/ Mag

    (Bypass Protection)

    Ender Backback

    (Used for griefing and bypass protection)

    Titan Band

    (Used for griefing at spawn & protected areas)

    Ender & Pigman Head

    (Crashes server)

    Light Crystal

    (Incomplete item that can corrupt chunks)


    The server is up most of the time, assuming that it doesnt crash because of hexxit, Which occasionally happens, but usually its back up soon, and it does not happen often.


    Starter kit:


    Pictures of our current spawn:





  8. Is there a way to patch the frezarite enchant glitch?


    they can get a sword like this with no xp at all




    I reverted to the vanilla enchantment table but people mad cause they cant repair stuff. Should I just ban frez stuff or idk.. Im hopin theres a fix.

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