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  1. I feel your edit isn't bold and flashy enough to really grab peoples attention. It needs to be font size 72 with more flashing lights in order to grab peoples attention.



    In case you missed my post on the previous page, you can read it here:

    yeah i saw your post, i was not home at the time. so i was not able to do any good edit. I will try to mangle it in somewhere ;) Thanks.

  2. your problem is most likely reflected in the logs of the server. So use pastbin or any other paste site you would like to use for a log. IF you see an error in there and you cant find anything about it on the interwebs post it on the tracker plz. 

  3. When playing with my friend on his server I get massive lag spikes ( 40 frames to 1 ) Every 3-4 seconds. I thought it might be server lag but no one else gets it but me. I tried changing my RAM from 1, to 3, to 4 and so on and didn't help at all. In game settings also have no effect. Is my computer just not "buff" enough to handle Attack of the B-Team?

    What are the computer specs? 

    We cant smell what your pc has inside. you have to feed that before we can judge

  4. Hi guys and girls, I've somehow managed to run a "cntrl+f" search inventory qnd have no idea how to turn it off it's driving me insane and I can't find any way to sort it please help

    P.s: now fixed.. not sure what I done

    XD when i have that i just leave it and then magic happens and its gone. i also never choose to have it on as well but magic is so powerful it also enables it!!!

  5. Hey all! I'm hoping someone can help me!


    When I open the game and go to choose a resource/texture pack my game crashes and then reopens to the Technic launcher.


    I have tried zipped and unzipped files of the same texture pack. I have also tried several different texture packs. The game runs just fine on default but the second I try to click on any texture pack it just closes and the Launcher reopens.


    I would appreciate any help you guys offer! Thanks!

    Also make sure you have enough ram. If you try to get spahx and you only have 2gb of ram there is a very slim chance you get this working. You can see in your crash-reports if its a ram problem or not.  

  6. Hey arriej, another issue I have found commonly showing up lately is a structure spawning issue. The lines to be looked for are:


    And the fix I found isn't simple, I have it all explained @



    Also, another issue I have seen semi-frequently is an issue related to mobs not spawning. The issue is the mob cap is being hit, and this can be solved by /cofh killall (or setting difficulty to peaceful briefly so hostile mobs despawn)


    Thank you sir. I have added both issues to the main post and made one >special post for the mapgenstructure issue.

  7. So, it goes wrong with your reading.


    "Note to your self: This is not the place to report new problems!! Use the tracker!"

    Seccond when you place these kinds of posts make sure you paste the error logs somewhere like pastebin so you dont spam the forums. 



    3rd. i have seen this error only once before. and i did reduce the amount of crashed by updating java. but we have not managed to fully fix it yet.  i hope someone had a fix for you on the tracker.



  8. Okay so before the latest update like last week or so my attack of the B team worked perfectly fine but now I cant get onto anything not single player or multiplayer it just crashes and says "Exception in server tick loop" and I know that I probably need to allocate more or less memory but I've tried every amount of RAM I can allocate I have I have 8g of RAM and a like 640 graphics-card on my computer I don't know if that helps. 






    If you are still having this problem send me a pm and i will try to help you out.

  9. how exactly am i supposed to change it to 1.5 or 2 (whatever you said) if it only goes up to 1?!





    Issue: Can't add more then 1GB of RAM to the launcher.

    Cause: 1.) Not a 64Bit java installed

                 2.) Not enough RAM in your PC.

    Fix: 1.) Install a 64 bit version of java ( ).

            2.) Upgrade your PC with more RAM.


  10. That's a good point - if the launcher has to choose between an up-to-date but 32-bit version of Java and an old version (1.6 or lower) that's 64-bit, it'll take the 64-bit version.


    As a general rule you should remove the old Java versions when you do an update unless you know you need them for something specific as they're fully backward compatible and it avoids missing simple problems exactly like this one.  Updating or installing a new version of java does not remove the old ones.


    One report got fixed where a user claimed his parental software blocked the launcher from downloading modpacks. The software was Net Nanny

    Added both "Reasons" To the main post. Thanks!

  11. Possible fix for start-up failiure, see my comment at: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


    for the problem about not being able to update past 1.0.8:

    my friend had the same issue and what you need to do is get the java7 64bit


    just choose the correct platform


    p.s. there are two options for each platform I'm not entirely sure but I think both will work if one doesn't work just try the other


    Thank you both!


    I will add these fixes to the first post.